Friday, August 26, 2016

I've Just Seen A Face

Things had been quiet on the TG scene for me. I did speak at SNHU in July to smaller and much more subdued class than usual.

A few weeks later I contacted by GLAD asking if I would be interested in getting involved again with trying to pass human rights in the state of New Hampshire. I was only to happy to get involved once again. They have a new project called Freedom NH that will be announced in September and making a stronger push than what was attempted in 2009.

I did a phone interview with Freedom NH where I thought came across less interesting than usual and felt I had left too much out. But when my profile arrived for my approval, acting sounded great. the difference between a real writer and myself, I guess.

On Monday August 22, a friend alerted me to a series of articles that was being featured on the front of the Concord Monitor for the week. On Thursday morning i was contacted by the editor of the Monitor inviting me to a community form they were holding that night in Concord. It turns out that the current editor of the Monitor was the editor of the Nashua Telegraph back when my stories ran in 2008.

I attended the forum and was very happy to see a room that was standing room only and dominated by positive news and feedback, unlike the reception my articles received eight years ago. The panelists were the five featured people from the week's worth or articles, while the article was filled with many transgender folks, friends, and many healthcare professionals, including my former therapist, Anne Boedecker.

I met Jon Van Fleet, the editor and Vanessa, the young lady that laid out my articles for the Telegraph and was the person responsible for NH News 1 interviewing ,me about the 2015 Caitlyn Jenner Vanity Fair cover article. Jon told me that he was in contact with Karen Lovett, the author of the Telegraph articles, whom had left the paper years ago. I hadn't spoken to Karen in nearly five years. It turns out she did see my appearance on NH News 1 and had Jon pass on the following message.

 "She looked and sounded so confident and happy. I'm really astounded by her courage to let us into her life. I bet her story made such a difference to a population of people and we may never know how far the positive effects of her openness have traveled." 

Back in 2007,  when we started the interviews and photograph sessions, I had no idea that going public would have had such a positive impact on me and countless others. some that I that I met, and some that I will never get the pleasure of meeting. It certainly makes me happy that I broke out of my shell and shared my story with the world. These days it's rather run of the mill, but in 2008 New Hampshire, it was rather uncommon.

Who wants to be common? That would be too boring.