Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Ten Days Spent At Dr Brassard's 2011 (Part 6)

Diane and I returned from picking up the pizzas and noticed a new face sitting at the dinner table. Of course, initially we heard the obvious joke that we came from (near) Boston to Montreal to order from Boston Pizza. Then Karyn said that we had to meet the new girl Jennifer and we'll never guess where she was from. Turns out Jennifer was from not very far from Boston either, about 40 minutes from where we live.

Jennifer flew in alone from Boston and like all new patients was very nervous. While Diane & I were gone, some of the patients made a bad (for Jen) situation even worse. They proceeded to tell an scared already person about how much the surgery hurts. Karyn was not happy. when I heard this, I was livid. Of course the ones who said that, tended to be the more needy patients during my stay. Karyn and a few others did try to convince her it wasn't as bad as the others made it sound and I made it my priority to calm Jen's nerves.

After dinner was completed and our 'pizza party' broke up, the sun room seemed become the center of attraction on this Saturday night. Jen had retreated to her comfort of her room. I knew instinctively that we had to get her down to join us. She couldn't be scared and on her own. One of the patients elected to run up to get her and Jen shyly joined us. We got her and the whole room laughing and telling stories. Karyn & Diane and I convinced her it wasn't as bad as the "babies" made it sound. I pointed out the obvious, Karyn just had her surgery on Tuesday, it's now Saturday, and Karyn is sitting here laughing and having fun, how torturous could the surgery have been? At a later date, Jen did confirm to us, that the conversation and my observation did help calm her nerves and kept her from heading back home. And she did agree that Karyn & I were correct, not the others, it wasn't as miserable as she was being told.

Sunday, the weather was good but very cold. I did have some stops I wanted to make in the downtown area of Montreal itself. So I brought Diane to the hospital early and later headed into Montreal for a short shopping trip. It only lasted about 90 minutes as it was so cold, I got what I needed and headed out. Montreal is on an island. When I was with the MCM girls, downtown in January 2008 it was cold but the cross streets would carry the wind and make it even colder. Same on my solo trip in late March 2011. Walking north/south was tolerable until you hit a cross street, then it became brutally cold. Walking against the wind on a cross street felt like it was 20 degrees colder. I was very happy to get back to the warm confines of the convalescence house.

As per usual, some new patients  were arriving for their early week surgeries and some patients were heading home. Including the now toque less Kay, who lost his toque on the way to montreal and it became a running joke in the house, along with some old Bob & Doug McKenzie lines.

I made plans to arrive extra early on Monday morning. Jennifer was heading over to the hospital in the morning for her surgery and since she was alone, I wanted to be there for her. No one should have to go through surgery alone. And I wasn't about to let her be without support.

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