Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Ten Days Spent At Dr Brassard's 2011 (Part 5)

As much as it was a honor to be there for Karyn & Diane (and Aubrey), the 15+ hour day Tuesday and 12 or so hour day Wednesday was more time that I've spent in one room, in one day, than i have since I was in the next room for my own surgery. The time at the hospital actually passed fairly quickly but yet kinda dragged too, if that's possible. Diane and I did sneak away for about an hour or so for a lunch/dinner, each day. And I'm certainly glad I was there for them.

But Thursday night I did sneak away for a few hours. My beloved Boston Bruins were playing the dreaded Montreal Canadiens, in Boston while I was in Montreal. So this was a scheduled night away for me. Plus the kids needed some time to themselves without me hanging around the hospital room or convalescence house all the time. I had planned on wearing my Bruins jersey to the Boston Pizza (in Laval, there's none in Boston!) but just a few weeks prior, the Bruins had a very nasty game and there was a lot of tension in Montreal about Boston. Seeing I would be alone and consuming adult beverages, I figured I'd best not call attention to myself, as hockey is religion in Montreal. But the Bruins spanked Montreal 7 - 0 and by the end of the first period, the Montreal fans went on to their dinner, drinks and conversations, knowing the game was out of reach. Thank gawd, but the more adult beverages I consumed, the harder it was to disguise my please with each mounting goal. :)

But Karyn had returned back to the convalescence home and things were back to how I remembered them from my stay, peaceful. The girl with Aspergers had left, setting the nerves of employees and patients alike, back at ease. Granted we never knew what awful disruption person "G" would cause. but that was much easier overlooked. it was then that I really got to talk more with the patients one on one. I really met a great group of folks. And I must add as much as I liked my graduating class,  I found I gained a lot more from the group. But then again, I was able to spend more time to socialize than in my room sleeping, dilating or chatting with friends back home.

When I first started going to support groups in NH, years prior, I would have thought I would have bonded better with the male-to-females, but quite honestly I became truly fascinated in an intellectual way with the female-to-males, and this continued during my stay in Montreal. There were two patients in various stages of their transition, Jungle & Kay, and the post op employee Alexis. Though Jungle was the most reclusive of the three he was great to talk with and Kay and Alexis were in a league of their own. just so much fun and so great to talk with and learn about.

But with the house back to normalcy, this group of patients, friends and employees really seemed to bond in way my group never did. There was a lot of non-stop laughter, no matter how much it hurt the post op patients. Even the employees verbally admitted that this group was unusual and that this is the way things should be.

Though another girl kind of stood out. A small, very cute, quiet girl from the Philippines (now a Canadian resident) that spoke very little English. But she was always smiling and very quick to give hugs to the patients and their hanger-ons, like myself. But the stand out part was she not only had bottom surgery but breast implants as well. At the dinner table she would be quiet and people would look at her and she would just be staring down at her new chest with the absolutely biggest smile that turned to an instant blush once she realized she was caught staring at her new bosom again. It was so cute and absolutely priceless. It also happened every day, every meal.

But Karyn wanted to have dinner with Diane and I, so we made plans to bring in pizza Saturday night from Boston Pizza. The food is very good at the residence, but we even had other patients chip in for pizza, so we had a pizza party in the sun room. Late Saturday afternoon Diane headed over to a very crowded Boston Pizza and waited for our order. While we were gone a new patient arrived that was due for her surgery on Monday. Little did we know then, the effect we would have on her life or her on ours in the future.

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