Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Ten Days Spent At Dr Brassard's 2011 (Part 2)

Despite traveling by myself to Montreal in 2008 for my surgery, this time was quieter and I had two people traveling with me.  Our first stop over the border was to check in at the convalescence house. I was curious to see which of the nurses I had would be on duty. None. I knew Anne, the former head nurse had moved to western Canada but as I would find over the next ten days, all were gone excluding Francine.

Karyn was shown to her room, which was my old room, 206. I had her specifically ask for that room because I knew it was a private room. When Anna had been there in 2010, she had to share a room and it was far from a pleasant experience. Karyn was glad to have a private room, but not much longer after was mad at me because it was the smallest room.

Like me, I believe she got overwhelmed with emotions once she placed her items in the room. Unfortunately, this quiet time would be a very short lived . Very short lived. Another patient had been dropped off in the short time we were upstairs.

This is where I must make a disclaimer. As a post-op trans I do not consider myself better than anyone. I'm also the first to put myself down be it for looks, passing, style etc. I'm nothing special. If you don't know me, please don't take these next few words wrongly. Please.

Who entered the house was the trans person's nightmare. For future reference I shall refer to her as person "G" . We try hard to pass and blend into society without commotion. This person presented in every stereotype we hate when trying to convince people we are normal.

I'm guessing late 20's, overweight, dressed in an outfit fit for a twelve year old, straight out pigtails, a short,short black skirt, black tights, boots, a heavy metal t-shirt, very loud, verbally and a full days beard growth. "She" had a goatee I couldn't have grown on my old best days. I realize my description isn't doing justice, but I assure you, those of us trying to blend into society who not socialize with her in a social setting simply because of the negative attention she was just asking for.

Karyn  whom was nervous about being at the house alone and has always made conscious strides to make sure she was not setting herself to be outted or read, as it is, just had her nerves put on complete edge. Plus there was another patient causing quite a bit of noise and commanding the attention of the house staff . All of this after I spent years telling Karyn how quiet the house is....

We left the house and Karyn was getting cold feet. We informed the nurses that Karyn wouldn't be there for dinner and headed to the hotel where Diane and I would be staying for the ten days. Karyn wanted to stay with us, at least for that Sunday night.

There are two great places to stay that are semi-close to Dr Brassard's residence a bed and breakfast and a hotel

Neither of which is walking distance, but I've stayed at both and both a recommended. I prefer the hotel simply because I don't like the atmosphere of a B & B as I feel I'm interrupting some one's home and I tend to keep unusual hours, plus it has better parking. Neither place is walking distance from grocery stores or restaurants either.

We relaxed at the hotel for a bit trying to get Karyn's anxiety back to normal. We headed for a nice dinner at Elixor and just after dark went back to the convalescence home.

The three of us spent the time in room 206 and the deja-vu I was getting from three years prior was overwhelming. The bed, clock, sink, tv, chair windows, everything was liking being back in that room, three years prior. The quiet house I knew was non-existent on this night.

Karyn & Diane were trying to relax, I was trying to keep up on the NCAA March Madness scores via my phone. But the nurses were running around like crazy. VERY unusual. The one patient who was already there and post op. was very loud, childlike and kept the nurses running. The other patients were complaining that the ice machine that had the ice for ice packs was always empty. It turns out that this childlike patient kept taking all of the ice. What she did with all of the ice, I have no clue. But in the days ahead I would get a better understanding of this person, which I'll explain in a later post.

Finally well after curfew, Diane and I had to leave. It was hard for those kids as in twenty years of marriage they've hardly been apart, and the nice quiet house I had loved in 2008 was anything but on this night. And I'm just posting brief details here.

But we promised we'd pick up Karyn early for breakfast in the morning and made our way 'home'. Diane and Karyn chatted via their iPads, while thankfully I brought a bottle of Jameson, downed a couple of quick shots to knock me out. I knew Diane was upset and I just wanted to make myself crash ASAP so as to not bother her.

Monday would prove to be another interesting day albeit much improved as the day went on.

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