Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Ten Days Spent At Dr Brassard's 2011 (Part 3)

As promised, we picked up Karyn early and headed to a place that had be recommended to me a year earlier, called Eggspectations. It was awesome. In fact it has become a mandatory stop every time I'm in Montreal now. But as we sat and tried to let Karyn make a decision, was she going home or was she going through with surgery. Of the two of us, Karyn is usually the stronger one, this is the first it was opposite.

As we sat, the snow started flying with strong winds. The turmoil outside was nearly as bad as it was inside. We knew we had to be back at the convalescence home by 2:00 for Karyn's consult with Dr Brassard. we went to the one shopping mall I knew to kill time. It was strenuous on the kids but it worked out good for me. As we sat killing the last hour or so in the mall, I found a great clothing store that I've become addicted to Addition Elle. Another must stop every time I'm in Montreal now too.

Karyn's phone rang early, she was needed back at the house ASAP. We drove through the snow and got Karyn back in time. Due to the weather Alexis (employee) walked us in the underground room that connects the home to Dr Brassard's office. The last place that I hadn't seen  in the complex. Their meeting went well and I believe Karyn's nerves came back to a normal level. Again I'm skimming Karyn's story as it's hers to tell, not mine.

At night we brought Karyn over to the hospital with her room mate and surgery sister Aubrey, whom we had just met. Aubrey was from the Cleveland area and had come alone. I made sure to get contact numbers for Aubrey;'s family so I could contact them to let them know that Aubrey had done fine during surgery. I think our constant joking helped Aubrey's nerves as well. A real nice girl that I felt really bad for her having to come to Montreal. But we gladly took her into our group. No one should go through surgery alone.

But it was Alexis that brought us to the hospital (next door) and he did his best to calm the surgery girls nerves. He assured them they were in great hands "I was a patient here too" turns out Alexis used to be a girl. Alexis also became a friend whom we must visit every time we are in Montreal. I must say over the time I spent up there on this trip, Alexis was not only one of hardest working people I've ever seen in my life, but was also one of the happiest while doing it.

Diane and I arrived early the next morning for Karyn's surgery though Aubrey was going first. Karyn became alarmed when she found that instead of general anesthesia like I had, they now do a spinal. I'm honestly not sure why that alarmed her so much, BUT knowing what I was like after surgery and for days later, the spinal was without question the way to go. I slept, slept and slept. Karyn was fairly alert the entire time after surgery and was doing great. In hindsight, I wish I had the spinal option.

But I called Aubrey's family with the good news and the next few days keeping all company and trying to help Aubrey when I could, reading, playing on Facebook, going for lunch/dinner or just talking with everyone.

One nurse at the hospital I recognized instantly, she said she recognized me too. Though she seemed pleasant on this trip, I knew her from my stay at the hospital. The afternoon after my surgery, it was time for my pain medication. I was offered a pill or a shot, but be forewarned I was only allowed one more pain shot. having not slept well the night before, I wanted to sleep good that night, so I opted for the pill saving the shot for the evening. When the evening meds came around, I asked for my last shot. This nurse gave me a distinct "No". Oh yes I remembered her all too well. Even three years later.

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