Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Finally A New Post

My ‘Old Racing Photos’ post is the last of my old blogs. I don’t believe there was every any intention of stopping them, other then it the nice weather arrived and MySpace officially died out for me. I just simply stopped posting. I will do blogs to update though things my not fall into chronological order.

Despite living so close to Montreal, I had never been to Montreal until I went up for my surgery in January 2008. Since then, I’ve been up there twice a year per year. Sometimes for pure social reasons (seeing Paul McCartney) or for seeing Dr Brassard for issues for my surgery, even spending ten days up there with my friend Karyn and her wife Diane, during Karyn’s stay for surgery. But it doesn’t matter why I’m going to Montreal, I still jump at the chance to go up there, every time to opportunity arises.

Yes, Montreal can be expensive for rooms, food, gas, shopping and taxes. Just like any other big city, other than the taxes seem to be higher than any place I’ve encountered in the States, including New York City. But the more I go, I have found ways to avoid the tourist traps and find better food and lodging at a more economical price. Despite the amount of times I’ve been or reasons for going, I still get goose bumps on the trip up Route 89 which only increase the closer I get to the Canadian border. The closer I get to Montreal, I still get the knots in my stomach I had in January 2008. I don’t suspect that’ll ever leave.

I did make a trip in February 2010 in the middle of a blizzard, to pick up a friend Anna, from her surgery, with her niece Renee. It was a white knuckle trip the entire way. But overnight a warm front came in and the trip home was on bare ground but with incredibly heavy winds. In fact, that evening we arrived home the winds knocked out power all over New England and Anna had to endure her recovery with no electricity for weeks. Not fun in February. I had dinner with Anna after she regained power, but strangely, Anna has become a complete stranger and has virtually cut off all communications since her surgery. To each their own. I’m not losing sleep over it.

Thankfully, after spending ten days with Karyn and Diane (to be covered more in depth in the near future), my overwhelming passion for Montreal and Dr Brassard’s convalescence home has dissipated. Yes, I still love the place, but it seems as though the pre and post surgery demons have finally left. I can move on to the future and stop dwelling on the past.

I think a big help is that the overwhelming majority of nurses at the convalescence home have moved on to other adventures. Nurse Francine is still there. She was the ‘new’ nurse that was in training when I had my surgery. She was the lady I was trying to help improve with her English. I do always make a stop at the home and try to spend time talking with, encouraging, being a shoulder, or just alleviating any fears of the current patients.

I haven’t done much in the way of activism in the past two years. I do usually take over a Human Sexuality class at Southern New Hampshire University in the late spring/early summer which I really enjoy doing. Granted, I try to make my ‘speeches’ more of a question and answer session. I find it better to answer questions that the students want to know than just spew facts for two hours. Plus I interject my off-the-wall humor into it to keep things interesting. But one of the main parts of my talk is trying to dispel the myths, rumors and stereotypes created by the media, Hollywood and the uneducated masses.

Every time I have spoken at the class, I always get comments from the students that night or even via e-mail within the next week from the classes teacher, telling me the comments made by the students. All of which are positive and always say that I have changed their opinions, opened their eyes or gave them an entire new understanding. For each student that walks away with a positive education and if they can educate a friend or two, we all gain in the future.

My next visit to Southern New Hampshire University will be June 6

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