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Ultimate Humility? Yes. Ultimate Compliment? Yes!

Originally posted on February 3, 2009

Ultimate Humility? Yes. Ultimate Compliment? Yes!

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For a while now, I've been having pain in the abdomen and a few other signs of problems, most likely infection, in the surgical area, but the signs were getting progressive worse over the past few weeks. Typical Irish me, just figures it'll "go away" or it can wait until my annual physical in April. But a few signs over the weekend, and incredible pain yesterday at work and especially Newbury Comics, let me know the truth. This can't wait. It was reminding me of the pain of last April. It was becoming unbearable and too distracting.

Today I called my general practitioner, whom I've had for over a decade, and gave my symptoms. I was brought in right away. I went in and answered the typical questions I expected, then it was humility time.

Granted I had an annual physical last April, but my 13 week old vagina wasn't being inspected, as I was heading to Montreal that day, to do the interview with the Canadian Press and for a check up with Dr Brassard, immediately after my annual physical. But Dr Brassard obviously had seen it all before.

It was time to strip from the waist down, get on the bench and into the stir-ups. Any humility I had left, was now being taken away for good. Being the first transgender patient my doctor has ever had, he had a few questions to make sure I could handle the speculum (think salad tongs, but wider). Sure enough, I immediately felt like I dislocated my left hip (which lasted a few more hours).

But over the years my doctor, whom is very conservative, the ultimate profesional, and is highly respected and sought out by those in the medical field in the Manchester area, never broke expression more than professionally needed. Yes, he could humor, but not more than to be professionally expected.

As I'm covered, he get's down under the bench lifts the cover and does his first true post-op inspection. I'm just completely humbled at this point as only Dr Brassard and the nurses at the residence have seen 'the new me' up close.

Suddenly I hear him exclaim "THAT'S AWESOME! I can't believe he did that much work...... that's unbelievable.......WOW it's incredible.....That's awesome. I can't believe he could do that. If I didn't know.....Wow........"

Needless to say, my doctor was very impressed by the surgery and it's results. If he hadn't known me before, he never would have known the difference (no more, turn left and cough, LOL)

My humility was quickly cast aside by hearing a medical professionals opinion, that was nothing but positives and raves. Guess today confirmed what I knew along, Dr Brassard was the absolute correct doctor for surgery.

For the record, it appears to be a non-threatening infection (again), but there is one small area that it appears to need surgery to seal up properly. But as he told me, it's an extremely common problem with women who've had hysterectomies. It's nothing unusual at all. And as it's been described all along, SRS is very similar to that of a pregnancy and/or a hysterectomy

The View From MySpace

Oh, that happens to me all the time - people look at my vagina and exclaim, "AWESOME!!! WOW!!! AMAZING!!!"


Get better soon, my freaky tight box bitch!


That gave me a smile an it should you too!! Hope all is well there!

Lisa P.

Nice to find a jewel in the rough like that. I'm glad there was some positive that came out of this for you


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