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The Stormy December

Originally posted on December 28, 2008

The Stormy December

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It was the first week of December, when I realized I hadn't even seen a live band (that wasn't just a background noise) for the year 2008. Despite lousy snowy weather, I spent a great day at the Claddah Pub in Lawrence, MA seeing the Gobshites with Mayzy. When I arrived the place was absolutely mobbed. It turns out, The Claddah was the host to a post race party for a road race through Lawrence. Who in their right mind schedules at road race in December in New England? It was also the first time I had seen Pete Depressed in about three years. Pete wasn't impressed with my joke heckling of the band to play some Meat Depressed songs, but I must admit, the Gobshites were great. And it was a great day. Looking forward to seeing the Gobshites again and I imagine Mayzy is as well.

But as lousy as the weather was that Sunday, little did I know what was about to hit. For that Thursday night, New England got pounded with a major ice storm. 400,000 customers in New Hampshire alone, lost power. Mayzy lost her power for over a week, but surprisingly, I never lost power for a second. Not even long enough to make the VCR clock blink.

I managed to go to the Cummings Christmas party that Saturday, only to find that roughly 75% of my co-workers were without power, heat or running water. Not good seeing it was brutally cold that day.

I finally broke down and purchased an Ipod. My Christmas gift to myself. Despite cursing Itunes for the first few days, I'm finding it quite impressive. But it is time consuming loading my cd collection into the library. I started with some of the key catalog (Beatles, John Lennon, Van Halen and Kiss) but then started alphabetically. It's quite time consuming but it keeps me out of trouble and will be great when it's completed. But my friend Karyn is the one who got me back into Kiss for the first time in a decade, plus I also rediscovered Aerosmith's "Toys In The Attic" cd. It brought me back to a time when I could look forward to a new release from an artist, but I can honestly say, I don't believe there was one new release in 2008 that I bought or give a damn about.

Karyn lent me a book by Donna Rose. A girl whom had her transformation a few years before me. As I read it, the story was all too familiar. Simple changes like replacing the words of "wrestling" with "racing" and a lot of her story could have been mine. But two paragraphs truly grabbed me and really hit home. These describe me pefectly.

"I slowly realized that my time alone could actually be a good thing for me, and I gradually learned that there was a significant distinction between being alone, and being lonely.
As a guy, I was always in motion. I always needed something to do, someplace to go, somebody to be with. Others told me that I could be exhausting to be around. As I slowly released my grip on that old life, I tried to curb that drive. I used my time alone to actually get to know myself, and to let the peace and quiet of that time give me energy instead of fill me with emptiness."

Boy does that describe the Cummings/Lee/Oswego/ISMA years.

But this past Saturday I went to my first punk show of 2008. Which really drove home just how fast 2008 flew by. Gailface and Melinda convinced me to go to Dover to see one of two hastily added Queers warm up gigs before their two week tour of China. It was strange to realize that I had seen two of the Jabbers (Harlan & Wimpy) before Chris (one of my best friends) since
surgery. But as I was in Newbury Comics last night, Chris came in unexpectedly. Another customer I didn't recognize, followed me around the store for a bit. As I was about to ask if they needed help, they inquired if that was me that they saw at The Queers concert. Indeed it was. But it was great as always to see Gail, Melinda, Wimpy and Harlan. It had been too

But the highlight of December was in between acts at the Queers show. Melinda & Harlan are engaged to be married June 14. Saturday, Melinda asked me to be in her wedding party and to "give her away" at the ceremony. I would only be too honored.

Anyone know any good seamstresses? Melinda and I are in a search.
Happy New Year


The View From MySpace

I have to say Cyn that so much has happened to me this year that make 08 special for me but at the top of the list was becoming friends with you. You're a sweet caring woman who seems to have a heart of gold and the ability to call a spade a spade. Please never ever change that.

Here's to more time together in 09

Hugs Karyn

Yes, the music offerings were paltry in 2008. Let's hope that 2009 brings us something that pricks up our ears and makes us say, "Wow..."

I was worried about you because I hadn't heard from you about getting together, but I'm glad to find that you were enjoying yourself! But that doesn't mean I don't want my date with you still. ;)

As for the iPod, yes, it is sooooo time consuming! But well worth it. Chad's is pretty much part of his body now.

I love you and hope that 2009 brings you all the good things you so deserve.


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