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Talk More Talk (Chat More Chat)

Originally posted on January 18, 2009

Talk More Talk (Chat More Chat)

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A few weeks back, I was invited to speak at Southern New Hampshire University again. This will happen on April 15.

I was invited by Dr Brassard to speak with/for him at First Event 2009 in Peabody, MA this past Friday and Saturday. First Event is a fundrasing event for the Tiffany Club of New England. It caters to post-op and pre-op transgender, transsexual and crossdressers. I've heard about it for years but had ever attended. As a whole it seemed like a good place for crossdressers or people still closeted. It also seemed like a great place for friends to reconnect. I found it very pricey and would rather have seen it set up more like a trade show, as opposed to quite a few seminars and a few handfuls of retail tables. From what I was told the crowd was down compared to previous years, but with this economy, the freezing temperatures, and the high admission prices, I'm not really surprised. Though I will say it wasa great place to watch people. Undoubtedly.

But I was really happy meet Jonna Dirito, who does a lot of Dr Brassard's PR and of course, to see Dr Brassard again. Dr Brassard being internationally known for his expertise, is well respected, good looking and charming, has an almost 'rock star' type aura surrounding him. It's quite amazing to watchas former patients love to see him, and others are almost intimidated to talk to him like he's Paul McCartney or Bono. But he's incredibly nice, caring and compassionate. It was fun convincing people, go on, go talk to him. LOL Just the fact that he invited me to speak on his behalf is a huge honor for me.

Friday was a smaller crowd and his seminar on this day was to prospective Female To Male clients. Strangely, I found myself more uncomfortable talking to a smaller crowd than I have at days speaking to a larger crowd. It was also the first time I spoke in front of Dr Brassard which added to my nervousness, but at the end both Jonna and Dr B. were happy with the results. As charming as Dr B appears on tv in sound bites, his talk was very much like a surgeon and less like a used car salesman. Which I know I'd much rather have a surgeon whom speaks with his hands. Having worked at the Catholic Medical Center for five years, I know how cocky doctors can be. Dr Brassard is far from that.

Saturday was considerably busier. First thing I met Dr B for lunch and we discussed the day's game plan. Following, he had a few patients to meet so I spend some time looking at the vendors and people watching.

As I stood awaiting the seminar before us to end, a girl whom looked familiar approached me. She got right up to me and gave a big hello. Just as I was saying "I'm sorry, you look familiar but....." it dawned me exactly who it was. It was a friend Karen, that I had met in a support group, roughly three years ago. I hadn't seen her in just about a year. When I first met her, she was shy, skittish, nervous and self doubting. The 'new' Karen was just the opposite. She looked awesome and acted like she hadn't a fear in the world. As great as it is for Karen, and I'm truly happy for her, she's a sweet kid, I couldn't help but see a small piece of myself in her reflection. I started the same way, maybe even more skittish. She leaves for surgery in two weeks and I wish her nothing but the best.

Karen introduced me to her speech therapist. I think that will be my next step as even I'm finding that I'm dreading my voice. Granted, breast implants would be nice too........

The talk went on Saturday in front of a much larger crowd and I found myself much more composed, concise and confident. Afterwards both Jonna and Dr Brassard mentioned that they noticed I was much more at ease. In a shock to me, Dr Brassard said there's an event in Denver coming in March and he may like to have me join them. NO PROBLEM! I was shocked and unbelievably excited at the prospect. It's not positive yet, but I'll be ready to jump if requested.

But of course, upon saying my goodbyes to Dr Brassard, I couldn't resist ending my conversation with a Montreal native, without giving a big smile and a loud "Remember, GO BRUINS!"

The day ended sitting in the open concept hotel bar, chatting with Jonna, Karen, a few of Karen's friends and a nice girl from Connecticut whom was a Dr Brassard's seminar. It was great to sit and relax. Trading stories and watching people as they were heading to the highlight of the weekends events, a formal dinner with keynote speaker Diane Schroer. A massive sinus headache began to attack and with an hour trip home, I'm excused my self after two hours of great relaxing fun. The beer was good and cold, the conversation was interesting, but it was time to end my weekend. A good weekend it was.


The View from MySpace

WOW!! I'm so amazed at the activities you do of this nature. Never in a Bazillion years would I have thought you to been a "speaker". I'm just happy you are able to help and guide others.

And **I** like your voice...BUT that's just me, you do what you need to do and I'll be supportive as always...

BTW... why couldn't Dr.
B have come to town BEFORE I got engaged?? LOL


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