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Old Home Week

Originally posted on January 11, 2009

Old Home Week

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I finally gave into peer pressure. Not very often that happens, but this time I did. I finally set up a Face Book page.

My computer died just before New Years. I guess I kept Windows 98 around just too long. My new desktop arrived with Vista. It was giving me a hard time. And I couldn't import my contact
list or my bookmarks. After bitching about it on Racersbored, my friend Nathan sent me a private message. It was titled "No Windows 98". I opened it up and the message read " and no standing to pee anymore. Deal with it" Funny, harsh and a true very reality to be dealt with.
But it certainly put things in perspective and changed my attitude.

But early Monday night, I was at Newbury Comics and I had a very strong gut feeling that I would see someone I hadn't seen in a long time. Not sure who, but someone. Sure enough about midway through the evening, a mother and her son were shopping. The mom asked a question and I knew she looked somewhat familiar. But as time went on, I thought she might have been a co-worker of mine, over 25 years ago. She needed more help and I asked if she was "Debbie". Sure enough she was. I had worked with her in the early 80's. I had befriended her and sometimes some of our co-workers could be mean to her. I was always there to pick her up again. In the early 90's we saw each other in passing in the morning, at least once a week. But since my job moved to Hooksett, I had never seen her again. Until Monday. She didn't recognize me and I still don't think she knows who Cynthia once was.

Tuesday, I had many errands to run and arrived at cribbage at almost the last possible minute. As I arrived, Al asked "Did you see her?", I replied "See who?" He said come here, and it was my friend Missy who had up and moved to Oregon a two years ago. She had been a very close friend and was one of the first to know about my transition. She is also the one who forewarned me that I needed to get out of the restaurant where we play cribbage ASAP (12/06), as a few very drunk town rednecks were out to get the "he/she" Had I known she was in town, I would have been there sooner. Unfortunately, I had to leave early, as I had a commitment to Corey to drop off a much needed print copy of the Nashua Telegraph. But I did manage to reconnect and get contact info with Missy.

Playing around on the new Face Book page, I stumbled upon a very good friend from many years ago. He is on of the people I've been looking for, for ages. I had first met Mark in junior high school. He had a wicked sense of humor, often quote mean. I hated him with a passion. In high school I met him under different circumstances and became good friends with him. Strange enough, he wound up being the guitar player in my high school band "Paradox". We had a lot of fun times togther, but sometimes band rehearsals would become stressed. The tension between Mark & I could run very high. I quit the band, sold my drum set and swore I would never, ever play again. But things happened beyond my control and I ended up moving and living closer to Mark. It was here that I realized the person that laid underneath. His sharp, mean sense of humor was really a cover up for an insecure, but incredibly nice guy. Yeah, he could have his mean streaks, but in the later high school years, Mark was truly one of the best friends I could have asked for. As I life often does, I graduated and moved across Manchester. I only saw Mark once or twice after that, in the mid 80's. I've constantly been trying to find Mark and thanks to Face Book, I did. It appears he's become Born Again. But from what I read he seems very happy and very balanced. And I'm very happy to see he's doing well and hopefully we'll reconnect. There were times I wouldn't have survived those late high school years without Mark.

I also reconnected with a former co-worker from the Strawberries days, Dan-O. Another true nice guy and a 45 record junkie like I. He's also the one that turned me on to one of my favorite bands, The Smithereens. He's relocated to the west coast, married with child and appears like the others mentioned above, very happy. I haven't seen Dan in over 20 years. But the above are examples of lost friends, that I've reconnected with just this week alone. And that is just way cool.

2009 is off to a great start.

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