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November 16 - The Day From Hell

Originally posted November 8, 2008

November 16 - Day From Hell

Current mood: pissed off

November 16, 1961 - A brother, Dana, died of crib death

November 16, 1964 - My father past away, five months after my birth

November 16, 2006 - My legal name change. Not a date I chose, but a date
given to me by the Hillsborough County Probate Court. Effectively the
official death of "John"

November 16, 2008 - I attended a memorial service for my recently deceased
sister. Granted, I was there physically, but my mind was too busy reciting
lines from seeing Jim Norton the night before. Jim Norton can hold my
attention much better than any religion, any day. Services couldn't end fast
enough for me.

After the service, my aunt, cousin, mother and I had dinner at the Bedford Village Inn. Things started fine, as even the waiter acknowledged my cousin Jack and the three ladies. But in typical family fashion, the other three started their usual nit picking triangle. Add wine and suddenly all three when addressing me, was "John this" and "John that" Even confusing the waiter at one point. Without even the slightest regard for me. None. I was never so embarrassed and quite pissed off. I was begging for Al Queda to attack the Bedford Village Inn. Much to my chagrin, it never happened. There's one thing to slipping, but when it's just ignored and gets louder and louder, I'm quite irate twenty four hours later.

I'm supposed to join the above mentioned three and two others for Thanksgiving, but at this point, I feel a severe 'fever' coming on for Thanksgiving morning.

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Hey Cyn...just read this...i am sooo very sorry for your dinner w 'family'. I am speechless, and wish I could offer you some hugs . Family seems to be the ones that are able to cut us deeper than any stranger or enemy...sad as that is. I hope i get to see you soon, and we can have a cold beer, and some girl talk


Oh no!! I'm sorry to hear this. I wish there was something I could do--like beat some serious butt-- it won't do any good though. People are people, some things never change. You know who cares and who doesn't, hard as it may be; try to focus on those that care about YOU, and forget those you TRY to care about.

We Love you,

Melinda, Harlan, Pearlie & Molly

Well, you know what they say about the self-righteous? They are the only ones who think they are right.

Love and Hugs,

The Original Cyn

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