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My Friends Are The Bestest (Happy New Year)

Originally posted on January 1, 2009

My Friends Are The Bestest (Happy New Year)

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What can I say, it's been an amazing year. A fast one for sure. It was great to find out just how many great friends I have and just had a very small handful of purging. January through March is still a blur that comes back in small doses of deja vous and other sudden reminders.

What can I say other than "Thank You" to all. Unfortunately there's too many to mention with the fear of forgetting someone, but you all know whom you are. I can't thank you enough.

The memorable moments.............

Montreal - What can I say? The place, the people, the friends, the experiences. The cold! The entire life change completed in three hours. All amazing. Seems like forever ago, but only yesterday too. Special thanks Laura, Mayzy, Heidi, Gaily, Nathan, Carrie, Linda, Michelle, JR, Trina, Mad Dog Douglas, TBG, Melinda, Cummings Printing, the people of Racersbored, the people of L'Asclepiade, and Lil' Decker, you made everything truly special. Unsung heroes, though they don't like to admit it, are Karen Lovett and Corey Perrine, whom more than kept my mind occupied the morning of my surgery. They claim they were just there to 'do their job', I say you made a few hours of hell on earth, tolerable.

The passing of my sister, Lynne - Though I've expected that phone call since the mid 1980's, it still hits as a shock when it actually arrives. Despite the fact that the last time I saw her was New Year's Day 2004. This past Christmas was filled with tons memories of the Christmas' spent together especially from the mid-1970's through the mid-1980's. It was the first death in my family since 2001.Despite her living 3/4 of the way across the country, there 's still a noticeable gap.

The Nashua Telegraph articles - Again what can I say. Amazing job by both Karen & Corey. Karen took an incredibly dull story and made it something even I found interesting reading. Corey took hours and hours of babbling,rambling, perversion, and MCM teasing and created pure magic Those articles put me in touch with friends from years long past. It also put me in touch with many on the same path I was. As recent as early December, I was contacted from a female to male in Manitoba, Canada, researching information, that found me via Telegraph, As did the Canadian Press (the Canadian news wire service). And although a lot of the connections were short lived, the friendships found with Jamie, Karyn & Diane will be long lasting. Hopefully they will with Corey & Karen too.

Karyn & Diane Maynard - what can I say that I haven't said many times over. I feel like I've known them forever and though I haven't, I should have. I just adore the both of them. We have so many common bonds and the time just flies when we get together. My days seem empty without trading 20- 30 e-mails with Karyn. Strange thing is, I became aware of Karyn's existence via the comments section at the end of articles on the Telegraph's website. I work with a "Caren Maynard" from Concord, which confused me at first wondering why she was hitting the Nashua website.Wrong Caren/Karyn. Fortunately the real Karyn searched out my MySpace page. The rest is history.............But I feel a close friendship that'll last generations and that makes me really happy. These two are very special to me and are keepers.

Weddings - Wow the marriage of Jeremy & Megan. Plus now the new engagements of Chad & Laura (sounds more like a soap opera couple, than a goth/punk/rockabilly couple from southern NH, LOL) and the engagement of Melinda & Harlan. Plus Melinda honoring me by asking me to give away her hand at the ceremony. Congrats to all of the above. I hope all three couples have long, happy, prosperous lives together.

Colleges - Me, speaking about, to and for the transgendered community at both Southern New
Hampshire University and Plymouth State University? What can I say, the experiences were awesome. The students were great and I had a great time speaking and I'm usually the non-talker. Ask anyone at a Lee USA Speedway, ISMA or NEMA drivers meeting, I'm not.....strike that, I WASN'T a talker.......Good news is, I've been invited back to SNHU in April 2009.

As fast as the year went, I missed a lot of concerts and unintentionally didn't get to see a few friends until late in the year. Some I missed entirely.

But in October, around World Series time,I received these e-mail messages from Chris of the Jabbers

"I just wanted to give you shit for being a girl now. That is all.
I was thinking (seriously) yesterday about how I cannot shake the "devil
rays" to be called simply the "rays"... I still refer to them as the devil
rays... And I thought to myself, shit, it is the same with Cynthia it
takes me like an extra half second to not say john... And I think it is
because I have seen you, like zero, in the past year."
and "You say no problem, but you have changed... You just are not the same john
you were a couple years ago,,,. Hey wait, you really have changed and are
not the same john! Holy shit. Hope all is well/you are all healed and feeling normal and shit."

But I think one of my favorites quote of the year came from Kristina Sanborn, it reads as follows

"glad your not a man you are a woman who can reason and
understand and well just plain get it. men can't, don't and never
will...glad you came over to our way of thinking..."

Yes Kristina, I agree.


the View From MySpace

You reap what you sow, my dear. You have so many great friends because YOU are a great friend. Thank you for all your hugs, visits, smiles, compliments and rescues (!) this year.

It would be a terrible mistake not to mention the number of unknown people that you have helped this year by publicly sharing your journey. I can only imagine how many people were depressed, confused, suicidal, and, well, a lot like John, who were able to find comfort, support and direction from your story. Don't be surprised when you hear from and receive thanks from these unkowns in the future. I won't be.

Cyn, you deserve a wonderful and very happy 2009 more than anyone I know. Enjoy it, own it, make it your bitch and revel in it!

Happy New Year! One million kudos to you!

P.S. "Plus now the new engagements of Chad & Laura (sounds more like a soap opera couple, than a goth/punk/rockabilly couple from southern NH, LOL)" THAT'S really funny!!!!


What a beautiful blog and a nice summary of how 08 affected you. I'm glad to see that it was more positive than negative and that even in the bad times you were still able to keep your sarcastic humor. You're definitely fun to be around and a keeper as well

here's to making more memories in 09, start tomorrah ...

Biatch ....

Hugs ~K~


What a busy year you had! Thank you for making time to come to our wedding, and to my school for our conference. I am sorry that there was lots of confusion and little communication leading up to it. Still you came and were AMAZING.

Love ya and keep up all the great work of being yourself!!


WOW!!!..first of way to go to be able to put al that from one yr into one blog!..
simply put, you are an AMAZING person, and it is clearly obvious, but all the people you named, that many feel the same way. At the risk of sounding sappy, redundant, and like a cliche...I just want to tell you that I LOVE YOU and am sooo very proud and glad to have you in my life!


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