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Montreal 2009 Day One

Montreal 2009 Day One

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May 13, 2009

My trip got started on a few nice notes, granted my whole purpose of returning to Montreal was that I was still having pain and my primary care physician wanted me to see Dr Brassard in Montreal.

The night before I left, I had a nail appointment. Cindy who does my hair will often make comments but not too far just the usual about my hair, nails or clothes. But this day she asked me completely out of the blue "Are you seeing anybody, yet?" I had to tell the truth, I wasn't. She was surprised because between everything, I really had the complete package going on, looks wise. That's the first time I've heard that and it made me feel great. Not sure I believe her, but it was nice to hear.

The morning of my departure, I had my third annual mammogram. The first two years I had the same radiologist, this year it was a new one. But during my mammogram, in comparing this year to previous years x-rays, she asked if I had put on any weight. I admitted I had and asked why she would ask that. She replied "Because your breast have really grown from last year" Why...thank you.

I finally headed up Route 89 and decided that I would stop in Lebanon to visit a friend, Nathan, at work for a few seconds. Nathan is the same person that I stopped to visit on my way home from Montreal after surgery, making him the first of my friends to see me post-op. This time would be an unannounced visit to his work place and I had a plan.

I was hoping he would be busy with a customer and I was going to park my car, leave my car door unlocked, enter the business and loudly exclaim "Nathan Kelly you bastard. You sleep with me, knock me up and now you don't even return my phone calls??? Well my next phone call is to your wife!" I'd then turn, leave, get in my car ASAP and continue on to Montreal without saying another word. Unfortunately when I arrived, there were no customers and Nathan and his dad were gawking at a video on You Tube and completely ignoring the 'customer' (me) that came in the door. I stood there for two to three minutes before either one noticed. Next time he tells me he's busy at work, I'll know the real truth.

Including a fifteen minute stop at Nathan's, pee stop and refueling I made it to Montreal in four hours and forty minutes. Sure beats the eight hours it took to get home after surgery!

My first stop was at the convalescence home. Nurse Anne had forewarned me she'd be busy that day. When I arrived she was correct, though I did get some quality time with her in. But I also got to meet a few mothers of patients that were going home the next day. The home was completely clearing out the next day, hence why Anne was so busy.

I stayed an hour and went to find the bed & breakfast I was staying at. It was my first time ever staying at a B & B and I felt like I was invading someone's home. It was owned and run by a slight older than me, Canadian woman. She showed my around and I choose a room different than the woman I had picked via the internet. But the place was spotless and beautiful.

I retired to my room to get get organized and take a brief nap. As I wanted to see game seven of the Washington Capitals vs Pittsburgh Penguins series. I head to the Boston Pizza in Laval. This is the same location when I had my last meal pre-op, with the MCM chicks.

Boston Pizza Laval, QUE 5/14/09

I had one of my my favorites, Thai Chili Wings, lots of Molson Dry and dinner while watching the
Penguins blow out the Capitals. Stuck on my choice of dinner, I knew I had to return to Boston Pizza on Day 2. But I enjoyed the atmosphere and the food, but it just wasn't the same. I really missed Linda, Michelle, Carrie, Gaily and the "Door & Window" from the Nashua Telegraph.

Growing up in West Manchester, NH, there were tons of French Canadians living in my area. I always found French to be a hideous language. But when I was at Boston Pizza and this beautiful early twenties waitress brought me a frosty Molson Dry and said in French "Gibberish, blah, blah, blah, jibberish,blah blah blah, Molson Dry, Madame" French kinda sounded really sexy and HOTT!

I returned after the game to the bed & breakfast (approx. 10:00 p.m.) I was surprised to see all lights out except for the night lights. And this was very early for me to normally return to a hotel on a vacation. Now I really felt as though I was invading someone's home. I quietly snuck upstairs and got ready for bed.

Surprisingly, after wearing jeans all day I was uncomfortable, but not like I had been the past few months. Was this trip for no reason? Or was it a case of the toothache going away the day of the dentist appointment?

Tomorrow I would take on Montreal, the city. And see the things I missed my first two trips.

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