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Inspiration Strikes From Unusual Sources

Originally posted on February 9, 2009

Inspiration Strikes From Unusual Sources

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Thankfully the infection I had been fighting has gone very quickly. I thought I was still tender from last years surgery, but I was way off on that assumption. The pain and other symptoms have almost completely disappeared since going on the antibiotic. Guess I should have gone to the doctor sooner. A lot sooner. These past few months could have been a lot easier.

For a year now, I've thought about how my hit count on the blogs has been staying up, and every now and then I get introduced to someone who's been reading it for quite sometime. More often then not, I've known who these people were but had never had any real interaction with them, until they introduced themselves, at a later date. I had been contemplating ending the "year in review" blogs but then based upon a call, a few texts and a few e-mails, I had to carry on. I didn't plan on ending where I did, but the waking up from surgery to send out the few "I'm alive" texts, made for a logical ending. Never assume.

Saturday night I was at a party. It was a good party and I got to see quite a few people I hadn't seen for quite a few months. I met a few people for the first time. Most of which I have chatted with but never actually met in person. But there was one girl, whom I was completely unfamiliar with.

Later in the evening we were introduced and I found out she was the girlfriend of the party's host. She seemed very nice but in an instant, she floored me completely. She, not knowing most of the people at the party, but she had wanted to attend mostly because she wanted to meet me. When she started dating Jeff, she was looking over his MySpace page and stumbled upon my page. Since then she's been reading my blogs and following my story.

We chatted on and off for the balance of the evening. But she admired my strength and my willingness to share my story with others, to help others and to help educate people. All in all, I wished I had a tape recorder to capture her comments. In briefly hearing some of her story, I was more impressed with her courage and strength over mine. But she certainly made my night. If I had an ego, I certainly would have left the party with it overly inflated.

I've never had someone "thrilled to meet me" before. It's also nice to know that someone I had never met had become intigued enough to keep reading. It's very important not to lose sight of the fact that I made the changes I made, not because I wanted to. It was a matter of do I want to survive or did I want to be six feet in the ground. I wasn't trying to be brave or courageous. I chose to stay above the ground. And haven't looked back since. Not one second of regret.

But she also encouraged me to finish the "year-later perspective" I was working on. Once again, I knew the hit count on these blogs was higher than I had ever expected and that I never knew who was reading, but Lynn was certain proof of that. Until Saturday, I never even knew she existed, but she had been reading all about me since last summer. And I didn't scare her away. But if she was reading, who else is reading hat hasn't come forward yet, I'm quite positive there's more. The counter hasn't slowed down.

But knowing that putting myself out there has been helping others, I had better not quit now. Inspiration can't strike when you least expect it. Saturday night was certainly proof about that theory.

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