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Here It Comes Again ......Sigh

Originally posted on November 27, 2008

Here It Comes Again.....sigh.....

Current mood: depressed

Hope everyone has/had a great Thanksgiving.

I honestly thought things would be different this year, but sure enough it came creeping up on me. Holiday depression. I just can't stand this time of the year. Granted I do have many great memories of the season. But there are also some I just can't stand too. I really hate 'forced family fun' with a passion, especially since my brother moved to North Carolina ten years ago.

The time period around 1980 is when the decline started and I'm sure the death of John Lennon shortly after Thanksgiving 1980 didn't help. But certainly when my young, idealistic life was drastically disrupted in October 1980 was also huge contributing factor. The stretch of October
1980 - till spring 1981 is just a period, I totally try to forget even existed.

The strange thing is, forgotten memories of that time period had come crashing back last year, Thanksgiving weekend. I'm quite positive, that I was on the home stretch of going to Montreal contributed the strange flashbacks too. But the days after Thanksgiving 2007 were filled with
totally sleepless nights and miserable days. In fact, I cringe every time I see the first video piece from the Nashua Telegraph video (the one on my home page). It was filmed in that sleepless period and I can see just how tired and miserable I was, the minute that video pops up. Of course, it's also very important to me as a reminder, too.

There are plenty of good and bad memories since, but I just have no lust for this stretch of the year.

I thought I would escape in 2008, but that awful feeling reappeared this past Sunday and just creeps up when I least expect it. I truly thought Cynthia would be better about this, but sadly it doesn't appear to be the case.

I love the colored lights of the Christmas time of the year. I've always been sucker for colored lights. So I do have something to look forward to. But January 2, just won't get here fast enough for me.

The View From MySpace

I think one of the blessings that you need to embrace is that you have a whole lot of us that really care about you and are thankful that you are a part of our lives. I know the holiday depression thing all to well as we have discussed briefly and this year I am thankful to have people like you in my life. That is my blessing this year and for the first time in a very long time I'm happy to be able to share with those people..

Dee and I adore you and like Mayzy we are nothing than a phone call, a drive, or a text message away .... if you need us we are here.

Remember you are loved babe ..
Karyn & Diane

Hey Cynthia, although this may sound like a 'clishe' but you have lots of friends who will certainly be there to help you through this tough time of the year. I love you dearly, and I am only a phone call, and IM, or a text away.......xoxoxo


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