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Fed Up With NH Republican BS

Originally posted on April 13, 2009

Fed Up With NH Republican B.S.

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Lately people have been asking me why I've had an about face on the NH Republican party. A party I fully supported and worked hard for all of my life. Yes even back in grammar school days, I was working for Gov Mel Thompson's and for Ronald Reagan's campaigns.

There has been a bill put to the NH House of Representatives (HB-415), which would grant equal housing, employment, credit, and services to the transgender community to be EQUAL to that of the 'normal' population. Not greater, better or special, just equal. As of now, by law it is legal to discriminate against transgender people in New Hampshire.

The Manchester Union Leader and it's editor Joe McQuaid, pulled out all the stops to spread fear into the unwashed masses, and talk about how allowing tg's equal rights was going to invite sexual predators in to public bathrooms. This was Republican fear mongering all the way. The Union Leader certainly loves using sensationalized journalism when it works to the conservative way. Also note that this is the conservative newspaper that is outraged by the thought of same sex marriage.

The first time it was voted down by the house by fifteen votes, but a lot of Representatives had left before the vote after a very long stalemating by my beloved Republicans. Another representative pushed to have it reviewed and it came up for another vote after every stalemate trick in the book thrown at it by.....the NH Republicans, including one Rep. Carl Seidel, R-Nashua, who wanted instead to ban discrimination against "gender misassignment."

The former Governor John Sununu and many Republican representatives took their turn bashing and calling people like myself "sexual predators" "perverts" etc. I, an many other Republicans I know are furious at the party we once loved. Not only have the Republican leaders proven to be uneducated, but also very pompous, demeaning, and downright morbid.

I'll stick by my fiscal conservatism. That'll never change. And on a national level I'm still basically a Republican, more so a Libertarian, but in NH, NO WAY. I'm now trying to decide, do I join the
Democrats? Do I become Independent? Do I stay inside the Republican party and go back to work on campaigns and create the rot to take down our current representatives.

The following is a full draft of a letter that I sent to the Nashua Telegraph. I still have a strong loyalty to the Telegraph, and no use for the Manchester Soviet Union Leader.

As a life long New Hampshire resident, I’d like to thank the NH-GOP for reawakening my political spirits. Thanks to a local, conservative newspaper and it’s editor, the meaning of HB-415, had the usual Republican scare tactic and utilization of sensationalism. The transgender bill is asking for equal rights in housing and employment. Not special rights, just equal. It’s not a so called ‘bathroom bill’.

They are quick to throw the ‘man in a dress’ description, completely forgetting the many female to male (FtM) residents of NH. There are a lot more FtM’s than people realize, only they are not as visible. In fact, I’m sure many men reading this have encountered an FtM in a the men’s room and never had a clue.

The male to females (MtF) are not standing to urinate in a woman’s room. If they are, then it’s a clear sign that they are not transgender and do not belong in that rest room. MtF’s are also on estrogen and testosterone blockers. The testosterone blocker is also used in cases of court ordered chemical castration. How can a person on these medications, voluntarily, be a sexual predator? The math does not equate.

Transgender people must be on these medications, under the care of a doctor, before living in the role of the proper sex. Hence the scare tactic wording of this bill being used is a predator can use the excuse “Today, I felt like a woman” would not hold up under any circumstances. Their medical records would substantiate this falsehood.....

As a property owner, suffering the same property taxes as everyone else, it's nice to see I'm finally getting a fair chance at equal representation. Granted, I've had my same job for twenty two years, it will be nice to know I'm equally protected in maintaining that job, so that I can in
turn, pay yet more property taxes. If my company chose to discriminate based upon gender identity, I may have been one more individual at the state job fair, searching for employment to pay my property taxes and not be an additional burden to NH’s unemployment security.

I’ve been a staunch loyal Republican for the twenty six years of my twenty six years of voting eligibility. Based upon some of the nasty comments and hate mongering by NH’s Republican representatives, I may have no choice but to leave the Republican party.

I could stay a Republican and be inside help to insure folks like Carl Seidel, Dudley Dumaine, Nancy Elliot and Fran Weldelboe are not re-elected

Over the years, I’ve donated time and money to such staunch ‘liberals’ as Mel Thompson, Ovide Lamontagne, Steve Merrill and Ray Wiezorek. I never knew the Republican party to be a party of hate. Times have obviously changed.

Oh yeah, I’m also the former chairman of the Merrimack Valley Young Republicans and a post-op transgender person.

And I do vote. Every time.

Cynthia Tebbetts.


The View From MySpace

GREAT letter! I was wondering when you were going to post a blog on this issue! Ridiculous, huh? Seems to me that the Repubicans decided to take back the "child molester" and "pervert" badges they gave to homosexuals in the 70's and 80's and give them to the TG's. The good news is that it's only a matter of time before people like you and me and our friends beat them with our compassion, vigor and votes - and they will be left standing with their badges trying to figure out which group to give them to next. Perhaps they should take look at the GOP - plenty of candidates right there.


<3 Thanks Cyn! :) I say go Independent. It's worked well for me. There are still some good Republicans in this state, just not very many in the legislature


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