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Every Day I Lean On A Lamp Post, I'm Wasting My Time

Originally posted on May 31, 2009

Every Day I Lean On A Lamp Post, I'm Wasting My Time

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Not that it matters but.........

- For the first time, at Thunder Road Speedway last week, I got stuck waiting in an unusually long line for the ladies room, while there was no line at the men's room. Good thing I wasn't in a bar or it could have turned in to a real mess. Note to self, make more preventative visits, just in case.

- I was always into building my music collection. Be it, lps, singles or cds. But the past few years, clothes have been much higher on my preferred list.

- Speaking of clothes, even if something looks good and fits well, gawd forbid I wear it too often. Unlike the old days if I had a particular shirt I liked, it wouldn't bother me to wear it once a week.

- The hormone changes are killing my metabolism. I'm eating better than ever before, getting in tons of walking, but yet the past three years, I've gone up a size per year. It's not only depressing but getting expensive to repurchase the clothes I rebought the year before.

- I'm glad being at Dr Brassard's in Montreal for two weeks last January, got me back into hockey. The NHL playoffs have been great.

- On weekends, I try to walk a few miles on the campus of St Ansem's College. It's safe, clean and has a lot of hills. Not to mention that the college girls make for great viewing. It was also my stomping ground as kid, and it was perfect for bike riding. But the college has grown tremendously since then. Growing up at the bottom of the hill from the college, looking west I could always see the bell tower, the oldest building on campus, better known as Alumni Hall. Especially in the winter when the trees are bare and the building was lit. But back in my youth the building featured in almost every bad dream I had and still continues to this day. In December 2007, I bought a book to keep my mind occupied prior to Christmas to help keep my mind occupied and off the upcoming surgery. It was called "Haunted Manchester". In it was a chapter on "St Anselm's College" and sure enough, Alumni Hall is haunted as I found out from a co-worker and St. A's student..............

- On the St A's campus was also a strange walking path in the woods, near the campus cemetery. In this path, there are quite a few altars with brick bases and carvings of Jesus and scenes with out any explanation. A few weeks back, on a dark, overcast Sunday, I rediscovered this path and visited it for the first time in over 30 years. As I walked the path, I had my iPod on, which has almost 22,000 songs on it. As I stopped to look at one of the altars, my iPod which was on shuffle, was playing Sting's "If I Ever Lose My Faith In You". As I was peering, Sting sings the line "You could say I lost my faith in the holy church" which totally freaked me out while looking and being in this unusual, but religious area. I continued on my walk and as I got to
the absolute furthest point from my car, it started pouring rain for the first time that day. Thanks for jinxing me, Sting!

- Every year for two decades or so, I always find myself listening to the Beach Boys as the weather turns warmer. Thing most people forget is the majority of the Beach Boys catalog isn't about surfing, beaches and girls on the beach. But it does put me into a good, summer type mood anyways. Yup, the Beach Boys have been on heavy rotation the past week.

- Granted I knew the Beach Boys only provided the vocals on their greatest album "Pet Sounds" but I didn't realize that the majority of their catalog was recorded by studio musicians. When in Montreal a few weeks back, I bought a book about Brian Wilson. In reading it, I'm really disappointed to read just how much the Beach Boys only contributed the vocals to most of their records. Granted the music is still great so it doesn't really matter who's smiling face is on the cover. Has never stopped me from cranking up a good Monkees tune, now has it.

- It's also depressing to think of how many great 'live' records have actually be sweetened or even re-recorded in the studio. And people wonder why I'd rather pay $10 to see a true band like the Jabbers, Gobshites, Meat Depressed or the Guts, than pay $150- $200 to see a 'legend' at a stadium and hear pre-taped background instruments.

- It also reminds me of an old co-worker, in the late 1980's, that loved Elton John's "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" cd. Which admittedly is one of the best double records ever. But when this person found out (a little slow, eh) that Elton John was a homosexual. He couldn't give the cd away fast enough. If the music is good, WTF is the difference?

- As much as last October I wanted nothing to do with racing, yesterday I woke up with the strangest desire to go to Oswego Speedway and almost got up early and made the six hour drive, unannounced. But with the upcoming return trip to Montreal, common sense prevailed and I hit Brown's in Seabrook instead.

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