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Week Two (Feb 15, 2008)

Originally posted on February 15, 2008

Week 2

Current mood: drained

The week is still dominated by swelling, dilating and boredom. One good thing of this ordeal is that it's brought a lot of old friends back into contact. Some from high school, some from racing.

My mind is functioning at 100% but my body is functioning at 25% capacity, at best. Quite frustrating.The calls and e-mails are slowing down considerably, but life goes on and that was honestly anticipated.

But as life goes on, I'm finding it's cruelties too. Early in the week a very good friend finally told me something she had been hiding from me for a month. She didn't want to upset me before surgery. At the young age of 36, she has MS.

Tonight, I find out another friend, had news she was hiding from me for the same reason above. Her 24 year old son has testicular cancer. WTH, these kids are too young and too nice to be dealing with such things.

As John Lennon said "Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans" Well life can really suck at times.

Tuesday I had plans to have dinner with my best friend from high school (probably still my best friend). We haven't seen each other in about six years. Long before my transition. I was really looking forward to seeing him, but was awoken by his phone call. His car died in Hartford, CT on the way here. He was coming from Southington, CT for a conference, then our dinner.

But fortunately I had a nice interview and two hour lunch with a door salesperson (Karen) from the Nashua Telegraph (inside joke). It went fine despite my having to shift the sweet spot on my sitting position several times. But when I got up, it was the slow penguin walk all over again. I am eligible for temp handicapped plates. Today I wish I had them.

Following lunch I needed to make a quick stop at the post office, as my hormone shipment should have arrived, and I had just a few days supply left. Good news, it was there. Bad news, it was sent registered and the line looked more like December 20, than February 12. After the driving, the sitting for two hours and more driving, I was in pain and the room was swirling. I made it through but I suffered through the night for it.

I got a call that night from my NJ sister Sonja. We compared notes and found that we were still in mental, physical and pain level sync. One thing I'll never forget Sonja for, the Saturday after surgery, I was allowed to go back on estrogen. Not sure if I should be taking any testosterone blocker, I asked the nurse in charge. With out batting an eye, Sonja quickly exclaimed "You haven't got the balls to start taking that stuff!" Touche.

Wednesday I had to lay low due to the snow and rain storm. But that night, I decided I'd try my first beer in nearly three weeks. I had eligible since Sunday. I hated the taste of it. Strange, I've always been a beer drinker. Tonight (Friday), I tried a different brand, bought at a different time. I hated the taste of it. Could my taste have changed that much, that quick? Though every night now I have ice cream (a first) and in the past year, I've eaten more chocolate than ever.

Thursday, I had to do some grocery shopping and was shadowed and interviewed by a window salesperson (Corey) (another inside joke). That lasted about 90 minutes, but sapped my energy level for the balance of the day. I'm amazed how easilly I get tired and how little stress my body can take.

Photo courtesy of Corey Perrine

Tonight I got to speak with Clarissa for the first time since my return home. that was great and made the day complete. We compared notes, as she's two fully weeks ahead of me. But the conversation also turned to our care in Montreal. We both fully agree, there is no better care anywhere, than what we both got at Dr Brassard's new residence in Montreal.

The View From Myspace

hmmm i wounder if this means i can out drink you now lol


DAMN.....does this mean that when you are up to it, no .99 cent drafts on Tuesdays at Whipersnappers?


WHAT??? You don't like beer anymore??? I thought they re-assigned your sex, not your tastebuds! Are you gonna start drinking Cosmos and watching Sex in the City re-runs now??? GHASTLY! Contact your doctor - there's obviously been a terrible mistake!

Lola aka Doomgrrl

Yeah, I agree with Doomgrrl. (Lola) Dr. B has made a GRAVE mistake here. You need to call him ASAP and figure out how to re-assigned your re-assigned taste buds!!! Beer is yummy especially Guiness!!


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