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Week Three (February 23, 2008)

Originally posted on February 23, 2008

Week 3

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It's been more of the same, dilating, hygiene, cranberry juice and antibacterial soap seem to be the only things I do 24/7.

I did manage to get out of the house for a bit on Tuesday, for a few errands and I stopped by work to say hello. I only managed about 30 minutes at work before the standing wore me out. But seeing friends definitely helped my morale. I finished my errands, but the four hours I was out left me pretty sore. I never knew just how healing a warm bath could be.

I was running into what appeared to be a slight infection and sent an e-mail to the doctor in Montreal. Dr Brassard asked me to e-mail a photo. Thanks to a digital camera, my computer and a strategically placed mirror, I was able to get the needed photo off to Montreal of my new "tunnel of love". Sure beats going to the doctor. Dr Brassard called and instructed me to add one additional bath per day and to be sure to "air out" aka commando more often. Within 24 hours i noticed a dramatic improvement.

Wednesday, I spoke to the class at SHNU and was closely shadowed by the "door salesperson" (Karen) The class seemed to go over very well. Being serious but yet throwing a bunch of candid comments out, kept things interesting. Of course, after I left the class, I thought of a few key things I should have brought up. Rookie mistake. Friday the teacher forwarded to me, a short e-mail from a student, that had great praise for the class on Wednesday and myself. That truly was special and a keeper.

Thursday I had a few minor errands to run. Less than two hours worth. I figured since I was three weeks post op, I could attempt to wear a very loose pair of jeans. Bad mistake. Loose or not, when sitting or bending, they still bind and can be very heavy. This did not set well with the swelling areas that had been starting to go down. Every time I start feeling better, I do something stupid.

Today, three of the Mod Chick Mafia chicks stopped by. Surprisingly, my first visitors in the two weeks I've been home. Special thanks to Michelle, Linda & Mary for sneaking away from their families for a few hours. It definitely lifted my spirits and morale. It's amazing how much better morale can make you feel physically.

The View From MySpace

I was sooo glad to finally be able to get ot see you!! I live so close yet times seem to pass by with too much things going on. As much as this visit from us was good for you, I think it was good for US...I can speak for myself saying that I now feel confident in SEEING that you are doing well..The nurse in me, i
Also, you DID look pale, but my were not wearing your ever so stylish Sephora!! Keep up the good work Cyn! xoxoxo


Keep your spirits up.. And tight jeans away from the tunnel of love.. LOL



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