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Week 4

Originally posted on March 1, 2008

Week 4

Current mood: bored

It's hard to believe five weeks ago tonight I was in Montreal,sitting in a Boston Pizza with four mod chicks, a door and window, and enjoying my last beer. I realize due to time constraints Days 3 & 4 were brushed over and I'll relive them in a later post. Soon.

But this Monday will be five weeks since surgery. Time flies when your bored. Well I am bored, but the four dilations (all separated by a minimum of two hours), a shower and two baths, per day, does keep the day occupied.

Contrary to rumors, I have NOT started watching 'The View' or any soap operas. My taste for beer has not come back. But my cravings for ice cream or chocolate have not passed. And yes, I still hate Hillary (Clinton).

Last Saturday & Sunday, I started feeling better, it seemed the swelling was finally going down. Sunday I went out for a bit as needed to pick up the first batch of 'Thank You' cards and a few groceries. I also needed bottled water. Despite my lifting ban until March 28, I lifted the case of water from the display to the cart, cart to conveyor belt, cart to car and from the car into the house. No problem. Until I woke up in the middle of the night with the swollen areas totally reinflamed. This lasted all of Monday and Tuesday. I guess when they tell you 'no lifting' they really meant 'no lifting'. Someday I'll listen.

Driving is still one of the most painful things I do. I did have minor, but important errands to run Monday and Tuesday so I was able to get out between snow storms. After a dentist appoinment Tuesday, I had a quick lunch with a friend, Jen (sorkin), who used to work at Newbury. I've also been in touch with another friend I'd lost touch with whom is considering having 'top surgery' aka an elective mastectomy. Which in turn put me back in touch with a trans-man I had met roughly two years ago.

Wednesday I finally heard from a current Newbury employee, Amy, "the little sister I never had", called me that night. It was great to hear from her and we made plans for me to visit on Friday, when most of my longtime co-workers would be there.

This week also put me in touch with quite a few racing friends that I hadn't heard from in some time. It's funny the article in the Telegraph was published six weeks ago tomorrow, but I still keep hearing from people from all different walks of life, that read the article. Six weeks later, I'm still hearing it almost daily. I was under the impression the next article would be out tomorrow, March 2, in keeping the every three week schedule) but I have the gut feeling it's being pushed back.

Getting into a chair or into bed is getting better, but getting out of either can still be a chore. So can too much standing, sitting or walking. Still. But the area is starting to look closer to normal. The swelling isn't as obvious and the scars are going down thanks to the Polysporin twice a day. I am able to lightly touch the area finally, for hygene reasons. (bunch of pervs reading this!)

The little bit of hair regrowth is also helping in hiding the scars. But something as simple as pubic hair, you'd never think of as painful. But when it's regrowing on a swollen and bruised area, the slightest brush or touch, gives an awkward and uncomforatble feeling like I never want to experience again. Unfortunately be between clothes and bed sheets, it happens often.

And Friday I did a few errands, met the window salesman again and had my visit to Newbury. It was great to see my co-workers again. I didn't think I had stayed at Newbury too long, but by the time I left, I could feel the inflamation in the crotch refiring up. I still had grocery shopping to do. By the time I got home, I was quite sore and very tired. Very tired.

Photo courtesy of Corey Perrine

I had a talk on Thursday with one of the department heads at my full time job and she recommended the first week or two I use up some of the 2007 vacation time I had remaining and just work half days. After Friday's pain & exhaustion, there's no doubt this is what I'm going to have to do.

One of the errands I keep doing is going to my P.O. box in Hooksett (closer to work). I'm anxiously awaiting the legal paperwork from Canada stating my legal gender change. Then I can start the process of changing all of my legal documents. Birth certificate, passport, driver's licence etc. The work isn't done after surgery is completed.

But once that gender marker is changed from "M" to "F" on everything, then I'll know the process is complete. The past is gone and a much happier future is about to begin.

The View From MySpace

Go easy on yourself, my dear. And I'm so glad you're not watching those bitches on The View. Ughhh.


I can't believe it has already been 5 weeks. Do take it easy and let things heal. Someday you will have to elaborate on these window and door salesman... Take good care of yourself. Love you hun.

Judi H.

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