Friday, February 10, 2012

Very Cool Support From Star Speedway

Sent February 14, 2008


Glad to hear that things are ok, I am sure that you definitely do need time.

As far as losing all connections my opinion is "It Is What It Is", we all make choices in our lives that we feel will make us happy. If this is what makes you happy then I am not one to judge you for it, all I can do is offer my friendship and support. After reading your story and reading all the follow-ups I believe that you are now truly a more happy person and one that I also feel is very strong. It takes a lot of courage and determination to go through what you have done and what you are doing and you have faced it all head-on.

I must admit that still to this day I feel sorry and embarrassed that I almost called you by your old name at the Classic. It was not done on purpose and I am sorry. I have just known you for so long that it has taken me a little bit of time for my brain to acknowledge everything. I have been bothered since the Classic though, I embarrassed myself and I hope I did not do the same to you.

As for the upcoming year I do not know. If my Dad is still at Star for one more year then I probably will be as well. I would like to start doing some racing again but with costs rising the way they are I don't know if that will happen. The only class I would probably race around here is a Star Modified, that class seems to be growing well. If I had my choice I would go back to Thunder Road but fuel alone would cost $200 or more alone for a hauler to get there and back.
Well I have babbled on and on and probably bored you out of your mind. I will keep reading your blogs as I must admit I am very intrigued and amazed by the whole operation. I hope everything keeps going well.

Look forward to hearing from you

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