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This Yo-Yo or So Called Life

Originally posted on September 30, 2008

This Yo - Yo or So Called Life

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It's funny, ok, maybe it's not, how life can tease you with good, only to bitch slap you with backhand.

Last week someone stole the "Nobody Knows I'm A Lesbian" sticker off of my car's rear window. Little do they know, I had a brand new, larger one at home ready to put on.

Saturday night I went out for dinner and drinks with Karyn & Diane at Margarita's. It lasted five and a half hours that just totally flew by. It was clearly the most enjoyable Saturday evening I had spent since the night at Boston Pizza in Montreal, back in January. Finding two people that share my love of music and sense of humor is amazing. We met via the Telegraph articles and have traded e-mails almost daily. I knew we hit it off when we met and had dinner in August, but Saturday things rose to an unprecedented level. I definitely see two life long friends here, and I'm quite happy things have clicked so quickly. They are quite interesting and fun to talk with. I'm very much looking forward to the next time.

But today, I find the my best friend ----, for over twenty years, was in the area for the third time in a month. I often get e-mails stating "Next time I'm in the area, we'll get together for beers". But neither my home or cell phone rang any of those three times. No e-mail, no nothing. We used to attend virtually every concert together, one hundred plus Monarchs games, countless Bruins, Celtics & Red Sox games, many, many beach bar runs, and traveling all over the northeast in search of good restaurants. We shared the same taste in music, humor and sports. The only thing we disagreed on was politics. He a staunch Bill Clinton, NPR loving liberal. Me, an American. When I first started discussing my TG issues, I knew the one person that would stick by me, would be ----. Wrong.

A person I work with, that shared a lot of our likes, we brought into the fold seven or eight years ago. a few weeks back mentioned ---- was in town over the weekend. Hmmm, never got a call. Today that happened for the third time in a month. The person we brought in, came into my office several times today to discuss the things that they did yesterday, with never even a
concern of note that these were the things and places that ---- and I used to go and do and brought him into the fold. Never once a call from either. Never even a of regret or second thought in his discussion.

I did get an e-mail five or six weeks back from ---- when he needed something. It also included the over used tag line of "Next time I'm in the area, we'll get together for beers". Too bad it was
all a lie.

Funny, I thought with the transition, it would be the extreme conservative friends that I have that I would lose. I'm totally shocked that it was the close friendship with a supposed ultra-liberal that would turn out to be the one that was worthless.

I've had the feeling this was coming for two years, but being a loyal friend found it hard to believe. Guess I was correct in what I really didn't want to believe, was indeed a fact.

Good news is, Karyn & Diane.

Good news is, the MCM have a dinner set up for this Thursday.


Good news is, only two weeks left of racing for me. Hopefully, after 28 years, to never to be involved again.

Bad news is, I'm going to miss the Thompson World Series for the first time since I started going in 1980. I just can't justify the hotel or driving back & forth both days plus the $75 pit admission, just to spectate.

Bad news is, Jerry Rich found out I'm going to his Oswego Hall of Fame induction, as much as I tried to keep it a secret.

Good news is, I'm Irish, I'm hurt, and I'm pissed. But I certainly will not forget. No way, no how. And I certainly will not come out on the losing end.

The View From MySpace

No matter how much we joke and throw eachother under the bus I totally feel for you. It sucks. No fluffy way around it. ----- is missing out BIG Time. Love you bitch


Aw Cyn, I'm sorry to hear about your friends poor thoughtless treatment of you. Like I wrote in email yesterday he probably has no direct problem with you but is insecure of how others will perceive him. Either way he's a weak minded human being.

Like you I expected to lose all my friends because they were staunch conservatives. Even Diane's family are all headlined conservatives and yet, these are in fact some of the people that cared about my well being over the shell that they view.

Your beauty, wit and warmth are all things that your friend will miss out on (His loss). It just gives the rest of us more of you so we don't have to share. The reality of it is something you knew from the beginning of transition and it is something we are all taught. If someone has to be so shallow and treat you so poorly over who you are, then they were never truly a friend to begin with and then why would you want a friend like that.

Saturday night was awesome and it went so quickly that it was hard to believe we were even there that long. It was certainly the height of our weekend. On the side, Dee is happy because now she has someone else on her side to gang up on Karyn. The funny thing is that it is nice having people that care enough to do just that

I hope you are OK and know that you have friends that like you because of who you are...


Sorry that you lost a friend that way... :(

and someone actually stole a sticker OFF your car? wow.


Cyn, perhaps you were forgotten by someone, but you in general will never be forgotten. You're too wonderful a person.

I think like the sticker it's unfortunate that an old friend is not around anymore, but at the same time you have a blossoming new friendship with two lovely people. Someone walked off with a really cool sticker, but little did they realize you have a new one ready to go. Likewise someone walked off with a friendship, but little did he realize you have a new friendship developing with Karyn and Diane.

Hopefully I'm not being too simple or out of line with the sticker analogy, but my point is that life and relationships are very malleable, perhaps more than we like to admit. In the end we always find a way through and find those who will stick with us and those who, for one reason or another, need to go.

To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven.


Bad news is... the lesbian sticker is gone
Good news is.. you don't need a sticker to show the world you're a gorgeous girl lover
Bad news is.. You aren't coming to our Halloween Bash/B-day party;
Good News is... You're ALWAYS welcomed at our house
Bad News is... this "friend" you speak of is a dick...
Good news is... Me and Harlan LOVE YOU!!!
Bad News is... You're Irish
Good News is... You're a pissed off Irish-ite...
Bad news is... ummm, I'll just end it all here...

Fuck 'em all...I LOVE YOU GURL!!!


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