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Strangest Week Yet

Originally posted on June 22, 2008

Strangest Week Yet

Current mood: lethargic

As I've noted before, I've not been feeling well and I've been unusually lethargic the past 6 weeks or so. In fact my last personal blog (not the Gerri Telegraph article one) had things in it that had been written three weeks prior.

But in a good start, I received an e-mail from Karen at the Telegraph. It was subject titled with my name which I found strange. But in turn, it was simply a forwarded e-mail, hence the title. It was a friend the I grew up with, from grammar school through high school. Plus we worked together for years after and had a lot of fun. But we lost touch just after his wedding in 1989. He found me again via the Telegraph article.

We made contact and he's really happy for me. But without directly saying so, informed me that some of my old friends couldn't comprehend or approve the change from John to Cynthia. Their problem. Not mine. But he's happy for me and proud of me. To add a strange twist, he's the boss of my next door neighbor. Small world after all.

The next day, a former co-worker contacted me via MySpace.It was great to hear from her for the first time in years and unbeknownst to me she had been following my progress all along, via my blogs. We had our share of spats but over time understood each other much better.

But that same night, I did a rare thing, I called in sick to Newbury Comics, I had not been feeling well for sometime but that Friday it seemed to have peaked. Or so I had thought. I was not feeling well at all and spent that night sleeping from aboout 5:30 in the afternoon, on. I believe it was the first time I've called in, in about three years.

The next day, despite my beloved supermodifieds running at All-Star Speedway, I elected to take a weekend off from racing and go to the Ribfest in Merrimack. A wise choice, as this will now be listed as a 'can't miss event.'

Sunday, Gerri's article was published along with a sidebar stating that this was the last of the Nashua Telegraph's "InTransition" series. Strange considering they had been photographing me and interviewing me since my return from Montreal, for a post-op article. Both the print and the web site had it, so it wasn't in error.

The next day Karen (formerly the door) wrote me to explain that although the monthly series was completed, some newsworthy stand alone articles will be done. Those plans possibly include my follow up article, but pretty much only if my mother agrees to do press (she won't) or if I become involved in a relationship (don't see that happening in the foreseable future). I'm writing off any further articles.

Karen & Corey did a great job and they are both super nice. It was my pleasure to meet them. Just meeting fellow TG's Jamie & Karyn made the time spent on the Telegraph interviews all worthwhile, plus the old friends it had put me in touch with.

But Wednesday all the drama peaked. I woke up feeling like garbage. I just didn't feel right all day. I was working at Newbury Comics and around 6:30 a former co-worker, Chad, came in. I knew I wasn't feeling well but this is about the time I really started feeling ill. I couldn't even concentrate on our brief conversation.

Major league heartburn, nausea, a pounding headache that would come and go. I could feel my blood pressure up and was incredibly light headed. By 9:00 my arms were aching and my fingers were fat and numb.

Being Irish and stubborn I stayed till 9:30. But I literally felt like death. Barely hanging on. Plus I had to pick up my mother who was dropping her car off for repairs. I told her my symptoms and she was like 'get to the hospital'.

I came home and called ask a nurse and they had the same advice. So I went. While hooked up at the check-in, the nurse asked if I had a history of irregular heartbeat, I said 'no' and she replied 'well you do now!' LOL

They did all kinds of checks, my heart rate and blood pressure were all sky high, but they got it all down after three hours. Everything looked ok, so I was sent home just after 1:00 a.m. But I have a stress test this Thursday. I've been feeling better but still have a headache and sore arms.

Friday I made my first visit to a NEMA race since my forced retirement. I had a few people I really wanted to see and say hello to. My reception was great by some, but surprisingly lukewarm from former 'friends'. I had planned on attending many other races but after the mostly cool reception, why waste my time, cash and gas.

People love ya when they may need you for something but if you can't benefit them any longer, they don't even care to know your name.

Excluding the Oswego Classic, if I never set foot at another race track it'll be fine by me.

The View From MySpace

They interviewed me and my kids back in September and October of last year. I just took a while to publish that piece.

Karen also shared with me that other articles may be written, but not put on the front page as the series articles were.


My Mom mentioned reading that article when we talked on the phone last night! I should read it when I get a chance. I've only met Gerri briefly at the conference at PSU but she seems like a wonderful person. :)


love ya and racing stinks......Don't wait so long to tell us when your not feeling well. I knew something was up. I have those motherly senses too you know.


"Major league heartburn, nausea, a pounding headache that would come and go."

You're pregnant! Congratulations! ;)

All kidding aside, I hope you are feeling better. Please be careful and DON'T BE STUPID! You're not one of those stupid, stubborn males (anymore!) that refuses to go to the doctor and take care of themselves until it's waaay outta hand! I'm worried about you!

And don't worry about those that can't accept Cynthia. I know that's easier said than done, but I guess you can look at it this way: John had 40 years to be out there in the world. Some people met John and loved him and some people met John and didn't care for him and some people didn't like John until they really got to know him. That's just how life is, for everyone. Cynthia is now getting out there and meeting people for the "first" time. Most love her, some are confused by her, and for others, Cynthia just may not be their cup of tea. Believe me, I'm not plenty of people's cup of tea, and frankly, some people just aren't mine. Don't put too much stock in those people. Just remember all the people that know, love and admire you - there are so many of us, you should get through with NO problem. In fact, I bet if there was a popularity contest between John and Cynthia... you get the point. ;)


wow cyn....that IS a strange week. I am glad you are feeling better, but whatever the stress test shows, you better BEHAVE! Don't push yourself so much, and take more days off!!!


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