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The Soundtrack Of My Life

Originally posted on August 24, 2008

The Soundtrack Of My Life

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It's not exactly a secret that music is a major factor my life. Music is also the soundtrack to my life. Certain songs can bring me right back to certain times, places, and events.

Almost anything by Loverboy, off of Genesis' "And Then There Were Three" or "Abacab", or Van Halen's "Fair Warning" remind me off my first girlfriend.

I remember 'buying' my first lp at the Jordan Marsh at the Burlington Mall. It was the Beatles "Revolver" and everytime I hear the countdown to Taxman, I remember listening to the lp lying on my mothers bed for a nap. Strange considering it was 1967, I believe. I was three. Also one of my earliest memories was getting The Beatles "Second Album" and the Chipmunks "Sing The Beatles" from Santa. I guess that was 1967 or 1968.

I distinctly remember a lot of late 1960's songs the first time I heard them and the events surrounding them. Especially lps I got for my birthday or Christmas. I distinctly remember hearing "Sgt Pepper" for the first time one Saturday morning in June 1967 and where I was the first time I heard the Beatles "White Album". Certain songs just bring me back to family events, especially Chicago Transit Authority, "Sunshine Of You Love" even Smokey Robinson's "Tears Of A Clown"

The Who's "Tommy" and the Lyres "On Fire" will always remind me of my first true love and John losing his virginity. The Rollings Stones will also always remind me of her.

There are certain CD's and songs I can not play after my April trip to Montreal. King Crimson and some Beach Boys songs will just bring me back to that tear soaked drive. The Beatles "Free As A Bird" will remind me of the death of a friend. He was dying of cancer, but the night that song debuted in the mid 1990's, was also the night I learned of his passing.

The list could go on forever, but essentially, music is always there and will always bring me rightback to certain places. Lot's of 1970's sings bring me back to summers going to Hampton Beach, either listening to Dale Dorman on WKBO or hearing the music from blanket to blanket or from the Ocean Boulevard vendors. Heck even the Police's "Synchonicity" lp or Asia's debut lp remind me of Hampton Beach because those summers, no matter which blanket you walked by, you heard a song from those records.

A few years back, when I was in my suicidal stage, Paul McCartney's "Listen To What The Man Said" as 'the' song for me. It brought me back to the summer of 1975 or 1976 at Hampton Beach. What I was calling a 'happy place'. It had nothing to do with the lyrics just the time and place it brought me to. It is probably what has me alive today despite the fact that I kept it on repeat in my CD player for hours and drove a nearby co-worker bonkers. LMAO.

Obviously I survived and I thought all of my ex's were aware of my transition. But today I was coming home from a birthday party in Claremont and I heard a song from Julian Lennon, "Now You're Heaven", that brought me back eight or nine years.

I had met a recently divorced nurse in a small town in NH. We quickly hit it off. I'm quite positive my humor is what attracted her to me. But we had some great times together. Being the sappy hopeless romantic I am (no wonder my ex girlfriends aren't shocked by my transition) I really fell for her and thought she was the one. I had just come off a relationship that was one-sided (hers) fiscally, and mentally taxing on me. She in turn was happy that I could keep her laughing as well as get her off multiple times.

She was fun and exciting. She taught me things that I never knew before and was damn erotic. Many people were jealous that I won her favor, including the chief of police in the small town in which we met. One of my favorite sex stories, is the we made love under that police chief's office window. LOL. But I was head over heels in love she was more interested in the laughs, fun and sex. I guess today it would be called 'f--k buddies'.

We never broke up, just drifted apart. But I can't hear Sheryl Crow or the "One Fine Day" soundtrack without being brought back to her and those crazy nights out till 3:00 or 3:30 a.m. when I had to be at work at 8:00 a.m. Last I knew she had remarried to a doctor. Something fiscally I could never compete with.

I had filed her way back in my mind and had almost forgotten about her. Today thanks to Julian Lennon, she came crashing back. I hope wherever she is, Gail doing well.

And Gail, have you heard any good rumors lately...........


When e-mail people about my transition, whether they had heard or were just inquiring, I always started off with "So ______________ have you heard any good rumors lately?"

The View From MySpace

have about 5 of these "soundtracks to my life" blogs started and never finished. I could never put it as well as you have here. :)


Glad you decided to stick around. ;-{p

Jeff B.

"And Gail, have you heard any good rumors lately..........."

ah yes, my favorite line.


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