Sunday, February 12, 2012

Second Article Feedback

Just wanted you to know I love the new article. I saw one negative comment on there and chose to address it in the "southern style" of extreme passive aggressive anger--whether or not it will be posted remains to be seen. I think people like "BILL" need to get there heads outta there asses as learn that NH isn't a "LIVE BY MY WAY OR DIE" state.
Anyway, we'll talk more privately about the video later..



I read the article and listened to the audio on the Telegraph web site. Then I cried for your happiness and strength to be able to lead your life the way you need to.

I was talking with my pastor and his wife last night about my need to go through the same procedures. It's just a question of time and money at this point.

Love ya hon!


Once again you have made me cry.

i wish so much i was half the lady you are. you hold yourself together so well. and now it's all over and you can enjoy the new you. the perspective you have on life is something we forget to appreciate in ourselves. write a book damn it!!! you could really help a lot of people with your whole life experience and knowledge. and not just the ones in your situation. i love you and hope your feeling better. hope to see you back soon.

-Amy Beth

Hi Cynthia,

I know I don't keep in touch with you as often as I should, but I just wanted to let you I have read your blogs over the past few months and have followed your journey.

I just read the article and watched the video and wanted to say how much I enjoyed it and how informative it was.

I'm so happy to hear you are doing well! :-)

Thanks too for your continued participation on the Jon Butcher Yahoo's finally come alive again thanks to you and everyone else who've been posting so much lately.

Take care,

That was a great article! I'm also very proud of you for speaking to that class so soon after the transformation! It would have taken a lot of courage no matter when you did it, but while still healing was really courageous!

We are both very happy for you!

Sean & Mara

I am so proud of you. Your story in the recent Nashua Telegraph was amazing....
You are such a strong female.. If I could only be as strong.



I just read the article that gomods posted and I applaud you!! I think you are one courageous chick! You have a great group of friends who seem to support you all the way, we should all be so lucky!! I wish more people had your courage to be who they really are and not let society dictate. I would be proud to meet you and call you a true "woman" to your face.

Tracy aka TAZ10


you you you rock

Im just sitting here with permi grin and its not even from seeing my ass on the internet..

Your voice on that video just sent chills through me..I dont know it was just amazing and the end..

what you wanted to dream of....I dont know but your someone who will ALWAYS be in my life because you bring so much to the table that I would miss without you


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