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R.I.P. Lynne 1954 - 2008

Originally posted October 24, 2008

R.I.P. Lynne 1954 - 2008

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Five days short of her 54th birthday my sister lost the battle.

The decision was made to remove the life support at approximately 1:15 EST. The priest was called in for her last rights and after 2:30 the tubes were removed. With my cousin Mary Ellen on one side and mother on the other. An injection of morphine was given. I was told she could feel no pain, but I was told late tonight that Lynne let out a tear on Mary Ellen's side, as her breathing became softer and slowly subsided. By 4:30 EST, she was no longer breathing.

Tonight I searched frantically for a letter Lynne had written me the last time she was here. She had written it in stages over New Years Eve 2002-2003. But she had misgivings the next day before her flight home and shreded it. Fortunately I had found it and pieced it back together.

I feared that in the years since, I may have tossed it. It's a miracle, but I found it. In it, she thanks me for turning her back on to music. Strange turnabout seeing she had turned me on to so much new music in the late 1960's and early to mid 1970's. Strangely in it she also mentions how "Cindy should be the most important thing to me" Granted she meant the "Original Cyn" whom she hadn't met, until the very next day. Little did she know that just nine months later, my suicidal demons would peak and that I finally came clean to myself, the other Cyndi.

Lynne, thank you for all of life's lessons you taught me. There were too many to mention, but all extremely valuable and unforgettable. You were are awesome big sister. I'm just sorry the last decade had to be a virtually lost one. The bad is forgotten but the good is absolutely irreplaceable.
I love you and will miss you greatly.


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