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The Return To The Scene of The Crime (Thursday)

Originally posted on April 25, 2008

The Return To The Scene Of The Crime (Thursday)

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I made my much needed journey back to Montreal. Although my reasons for returning were many, the biggest was I needed closure. Those that know me, know I'm fiercely independent. I hate asking for help. When I last left here, it was snowing, brutally cold, I was in pain, and needed lots of assistance. I needed to take it back. Sounds dumb I know, but I needed that closure.

Plus I loved the staff at the residence very much and missed them all.The staff there is outstanding, the facilities, care and the atmosphere are second to none.

I had my annual physical first then headed up to Montreal. It was a beautiful day for travel. Bright blue sky, perfect temperature, the usual bizarre mix of music blaring made it perfect. Oh yeah, returning to Montreal with out the stress of an upping coming surgery made it a nicer trip too. Last time the trip seemed to take forever. This time it seemed like a trip to the corner store.

I've been finding myself very much enjoying talking to, helping and just being a friend to the transgender community lately. I've been spending a lot of time wishing I worked in a counseling type job. This weighed very heavy on my mind the whole trip. I've spent over 20 years at a great company, that's been great to me. I really can't leave there. But I am going to find more groups like the Manchester Outright to help at. Newbury Comics and all racing involvement, although fun for years, are going to be dumped in favor of public service and being mentally rewarded. I promised myself I was going to "Pay It Forward" I intend to keep my promise.

My first stop was at Dr Brassard's office to check in for Fridays check up appointment. They do not schedule follow up appointments, but I figured since I was all the way up here, it wasn't going to hurt. Plus I needed to arrange to get plenty of packages of information for myself, and for the kids at Plymouth State University. I found out after my speech there were quite a few considering transforming, now I can give them more direct info, especially for the Female to Males.

My next stop was the residence, which is right next door. I got to see the head nurse Anne, whom I missed very much. We chatted for quite a while and got caught up. I found that one of my favorite nurses, Julie, had left. I was also going to miss Doreen, who's with her ailing father, and Francine, who's daughter is getting married this weekend.

To add insult to injury, there were only two patients at the residence. Both of whom were leaving that afternoon. Three patients were at the hospital, were returning on Friday morning. I came up here because I really wanted to help and encourage the patients at the residence. My first of two nights and the residence was empty.....ugggggghhhhhh.

I then checked into the hotel that the mod chicks stayed at in January was featured in the Nashua Telegraph multimedia presentation with the most recent article. I also ate dinner at the same Boston Pizza which was featured as my 'last dinner' in the Telegraph.

People often talk about my courage for having gender reassignment surgery, for publically speaking about my pain, and journey to get life to the way it should have been. But I found real courage, was being the a packed restaurant in Montreal, as the first game of the Montreal Canadians vs Philadelphia Flyers playoff series started, And me cheering for Philadelphia.............

The late afternoon/evening followed the path that I had with the girls in January, only due to internal stress, I couldn't enjoy it back then like I wished. I'm stealing it back. I miss having them here this time, very very much. I so love those girls. But I knew I was going to be doing as much community service as possible, plus the interview with Andy from the Canadian Press. They would be lost in the shuffle. This time anyways.

Friday, Day Two, is going to be a big day.

The View From MySpace

Just wanted to let you know how awesome a women you are. Don't stop thinking or talking I know you will continue this journey as your life as. Hey by the way when am I going to meet the mod chick's anyway? They seem fun to be around. I know it would be a little tough at the moment...lol


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