Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Return To The Scene of The Crime (Friday) Pt 1

Originally posted on April 27, 2008

Return To The Scene Of The Crime 2 (Friday)

Thursday I had three adult beverages at dinner. About 1/3 to 1/4 of what I would have had a few years back. But I awoke Friday morning feeling the repercussions of those three.

I had to be up early. I needed to get a dilation in and be ready for Andy & Graham, from the Canadian Press, Canada's newswire service. I did the above and headed straight to the residence.

Graham, the photographer, did something the Nashua Telegraph didn't. Posed pictures. Every
photograph in the Telegraph print version or website has been natural. I had to pose for the pictures for the Canadian Press. Thankfully he gave great directions.

After the photo session, I did an audio interview with Andy. we then split up for a bit as I went to the residence to have lunch with the current residents of the the convalescence house. The head nurse insisted I have every meal at the residence. It is the best time to meet the new folks, as being fresh from the hospital, laying, privately in bed was most comfortable. I know, I was in their same boat 12 weeks ago. But all three meals are mandatory and must be in the beautiful dining room.

It's amazing. As soon as I was there, every crack & creek of the wooden stairs brought me straight back to the weeks I was there. Visions, happy and sad came crashing back with every sound, smell and every other sense. But the crack of the wooden stairs........brought me straight back eleven weeks. just being here again, was just wow.

Seeing the residence in brighter light, with green grass and a nice patio. The gorgeous park and river walk across the street, were a frozen tundra when I was here in Jan/Feb. They are awesome to see now.

I got to meet three patients, two MtF, one FtM. One stood out though, a very nice young lady from North Carolina. She had a nose job, breast augmentation and genital reassignment surgery done in one shot. Holy OUCH!!!

But over lunch I was able to help all three verbally and physically. A big part of why I was in Montreal. I want to be there for the others, as well as my own closure. I had an appointment with Dr Brassard, just for a follow up. Everything appears fine but since I'm in Montreal, why not go to the best, Dr Brassard.

Everything checked out perfectly, thankfully. He did one minor thing, that I didn't understand, but it cleared somethings up physically & mentally. It also removed some discomfort I've been experiencing. My total bill after the follow up and growth removal.......zero, nada, zip, nil. none, nothing..........It's part of Dr Brassard's full customer service. Try getting that at a doctor in the U.S.

The View From MySpace

Oooooh! I can't wait to see the photos from your shoot!

And you gotta build up your tolerance, my friend, before you head out to any Jabbers shows or anything!!!


To be continued.....

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