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Prepping Days (January 21 & 22, 2008)

Originally posted January 22, 2009

Preping Days (January 21 & 22, 2008)

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First and foremost, a special ((HUG)) for fellow MCMer and very good friend, ~Michelle~ , whom lost her father this past Sunday, after a brief illness. I love you, Michelle and you've been on my mind and in my heart very much.

Second, the "Jamie" that commented on the last blog, is a super cool person that I met via the first Nashua Telegraph article. She did her home work and found my yahoo address, and sent me a very brief but very powerful e-mail, on my first full day in Montreal.

Jamie is due to start hormones very shortly, but was married this past summer and is expecting her first child this coming summer. Jamie having an either gender friendly name, did something unique last summer. When going for her legal name change, she kept her first name, but adopted her wife's last name, instead. Very cool.

For anyone going for a life altering surgery or any planned surgery, take some time for yourself as the date draws near. For me, burning the candle at both ends equates to a quiet day. But fortunately I took the five days prior to going to Montreal off from Newbury Comics. One of the worst mistakes I made throughout the entire transition was working at my real job, up to the day I left for surgery.

Monday I left work and had to fly to Nashua to pick up the copies of the Telegraph I had been
promised. Bad news is, they close at 5:00 and by the time I arrived, it was very dark out and I missed the signing due to all of the snow we had at that point. As employees were walking out the locked door,I was fortunate someone let me in and I was able to get the papers.

But I had no time to rest as I had to get back to Manchester to pick up Laura (aka Doomgrrl) and go for Indian food. A quiet and enjoyable evening was spent and we've been promising each other for 367 days now that we're going to do it again. This time we have a new reason to celebrate. Laura's engagement to Chad. Due to work and the ungawdly cold temps we were experiencing, we called it an early evening. But it was a night I would come to and still treasure.

Next day, it was rush, rush, rush again. After work I had some paperwork to get in order, plus go grocery shopping to make sure my 82 year old mother and two cats were going to be set for the two weeks I was gone. Then it was a rush to get to Londonderry to meet Mary (Mayzy) and Kevin for dinner. Another great and treasured night was had. It was the very nerve calming I needed as I would be in Montreal in less than 48 hours. As per usual with Mayzy and I, we were out much later than we had planned and a lot of the things I needed to get done, had to be pushed off until the next day.

But despite the things needed to get accomplished early, these two nights were very significant. The times, bonding and the brief distractions couldn't be replaced with all the cash in the world. And as I lay in recovery, these would be the last two times I would be out of bed and in the New Hampshire public for an extended period of time for more than six weeks.

I should have been packing these nights, but instead of clothes, I was packing in quality time with two incredible friends. I can't replace that and even if I could, I wouldn't.

Though I would shortly be paying the price.

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