Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Post Article Feedback

Not my words, the words of friends following the release of the first Telegraph article and before I left for Montreal.


Great story in the Nashua Telegraph!!! Good luck with your surgery--We'll all be pulling for you. Have fun in Montreal.

Norma S.

I came in the AM and before I even sit down Hamer says to me "so, I was at my parents yesterday (they live in Amherst") and I pick up the paper and taking up 3/4 of the front page is Tebbetts". Pretty good for a Sunday paper to devote the space to you and not the Patriots!

Chris. L


Jesus Cyn!!!! Your video made me cry. I’m so proud of you!!! I think back at that picture of all of us….Although I knew somewhat what you were going through, I just never in a million years would have thought you would have the courage to do this. Not because I didn’t think you were brave, but because of the difficulties in telling friends and family could have been so devastating. You’re amazing Hun. I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am for you.

Nicole G.

Cynthia, I enjoyed reading the article. But it makes me feel like I would like to sit down with you and have a long conversation with you. Actually I have so many questions that I probably wouldn't know where to begin. I think it is so good of you to be so open and forthright. Hopefully this will help a lot of people who are going through just what you have gone through. And hopefully save them a lot of the emotional pain you endured over the years. But now, as you say, you are starting a new beginning. And I am so happy for you! Welcome home!!!

Luv Ya,

Bill H.


I graduated high school with the subject (John "Cynthia" Tebbetts) of you article in the 1/20/2008 posting and only came to learn of this a year later. If John is communicating with you in any capacity, please pass forward to him with my support. I am a 44-year-old heterosexual male that lived in a gay community for over 10 years - Portland, Oregon.

Before living in Oregon, Manchester community raised me to think there is an evil about homosexuality with stereotypes. Males where delicate and dressed like females, while females wore blue jeans with flattop style haircuts.

Learning these are false, many of my best friends in Portland are gay and I was honored to attend a co-workers gay marriage.

My best to the Telegraph and John

John C


I want you to know I cried. I love you with all my heart.

Michelle L.

Congratulations Cynthia the article was done very well. I hope you are pleased with it. It will have a profound effect on someone's life and may make the difference for someone coming out or a relative of someone who came out to help them understand and except it a little better. Good luck next week. You will be in our thoughts and prayers. Who is going up with you besides the media entourage? If possible can you have someone notify Mikayla and myself when you are out of surgery? If that is not possible maybe you can contact us when you get back. Thank you and good luck.

All our love,

Judi & Mikayla

Thanks so much Cynthia. You are a superstar. Can't wait for Montreal.
You looked great, no self-deprecating comments allowed.

Remember this is the first of like four videos. The pics from Lee will
come later. Next video is your surgery so we all have to focus on
that. I hope it goes as smooth as it sounds.

Rest up...the full out Cynthia is almost at the finish line :) You are
a great inspiration to so many.

Cynthia (gonna take me a few times to get used to that)

I hope you're doing allright. I read the article in the Nashua newspaper and watched the video. It was a really good article. I liked the pictures of you when you were younger. I don't remember you being such a cute kid. Again the article was really good. I found myself feeling a bit sad because I was never aware that you were so unhappy, Those Jr High and High School years were tough and I can only imagine what you were going through. Looking back on it I'd say you did pretty well. You were always my best friend and I hope you don't forget that. I'll be up in NH on 2/12 for a meeting. I don't know if you'll be around or up to it but it would be nice to try to get together for coffee.

I hope you feel better and your recovery is fast. I'm glad to know you're feeling good about yourself. I'm proud of you for your courage.

All the best.

Your friend,


so i just read the article and watched the video and i balled my fucking eyes out. i am so proud of you and proud to know you. really. congratulations on everything. see you soon. lots of love and hugs.

AmyBeth B.

I just wanted to pass long a little luck for your upcoming journey...You are already a strong person, and will become stronger everyday! Remember to never give up, always stay positive and get your rest! Keep us all posted, you are in our thoughts and prayers!
Kelly R.

cyn, this was a beautiful article. it made me cry and smile, im so glad your happy!! your a wonderful person and i wish i knew u sooner than later. your so strong and u better stay that way. i love u so much!!! love toni

Toni C.


i am honored to be able to say that you are my friend!! the courage and pride you have!
so, when are we going shopping?

Gail C.


I loved the article... it gave me a little more insight into how you feel and what're going through.

It seems unfair that you've "lost" friends through this... but I suspect they were not real friends in the first place.

I can never say that I know how you feel... but I know how much this means to you, and as Todd said, I'm so happy to have you as a friend. If you ever need anything, anything at all, you know I'm not far away. Good luck next week :)

Jeremy B.


As I e-mailed you earlier, I was impressed and thrilled with this article and look forward to the next installment. The photos are such a nice touch and they really make the story. Kudos to you for being brave and selfless enough to put your journey out there for others to read. I told you before, but I can't say it enough: What you're doing is such a huge step toward helping others come to terms with what they may be going through, and it's putting a face on it for people who may be confused and/or uncomfortable with the issue - the face of a family member, co-worker, loved one and friend. You're an amazing soul to do this. I love you!

Laura F.


Great article Cynthia, It's awesome having you as a friend. :)

Todd W.


AWESOME job to all of you. Especially you, Cynthia, for your courage to allow the Telegraph journalists into your life and sharing a part of it with the world that most people would just hide away.

Melinda M.


The article is great!!

Lisa P.

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