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Politics, Nashua Telegraph & Weight Gain

Originally posted on September 28, 2008

itics, Nashua Telegraph & Weight Gain

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First and foremost, no politics will be mentioned in this or any near future blogs! LMAO Karyn & Andrea are two good people whom would get along if they actually met. Karyn is a firecracker who posted some great comments to the Nashua Telegraph stories and has become a great friend via the In Transition series. She loves a lively debate. Andrea, I met through the now defunct Geezerteezers.

Second, congrats to Karen Lovett and Corey Perrine from the Nashua Telegraph. *The Telegraph was recognized with 26 awards – including 10 for first place – at the New England Associated Press News Executive Association's annual fall conference Friday night at the Grappone Center.

The more than two-dozen awards represents the most ever received by The Telegraph in this contest in recent memory. Staff photographer Corey Perrine was responsible for 13 of those awards in the photography and multimedia categories.

The Telegraph's six-part In Transition series of stories that examined the state's transgender community was recognized for its writing, photography and multimedia. "A deft hand with many essential details makes this series of stories the winner," the judges wrote. Here is a summary of The Telegraph's awards:

>>>First place<<<
Feature Story: Karen Lovett and Ashley Smith for "In Transition."

>>>Second place<<<
Photo story: Corey Perrine for "Becoming Cynthia."

>>>Third place<<<
Multimedia: Corey Perrine for "A New Woman," part of the In Transition series.*

Congrats to both Karen & Corey. I haven't known them very long, but I certainly miss having them around.

As it's getting darker earlier in the evening, I'm still getting flashbacks of my surgery recovery period. Being home with a flu for a few days certainly brought back a lot of those feelings. I can only imagine what it's going to be like when we turn the clocks and it gets dark really early. I
still can't believe what a blur that time period was/is.

They say recovery can take as much as a year and I'm finding that they were not joking. Things are vastly improved down there, but still I'm quite numb down there. Not enough to be pain, but enough to be distracting at times, especially if wearing heavy pants or jeans. Taking the air conditioner out of the window and bringing it down a flight of stairs was a quick reminder
that I'm not 100% and paid the price for it.

I did get some time with my friend Melinda whom is moving back to New Hampshire, from Memphis. Unfortunately the place we chose, had incredibly loud music and it was difficult to have a quality conversation. But I believe she'll be home around the first of October. So we'll have to do a re-do.

Shockingly this morning a first happened. For the first time since my full time experience and since surgery, my mother shocked me this morning by saying how nice I looked! Careful folks, hell is about to freeze over any minute now.

I've also found out that two good friends, Carol Haynes & Jerry Rich are being inducted to the Oswego Speedway Hall of Fame this year. Jerry not only being a very good friend, but also an idol (as mentioned in the Classic weekend blog), and as much as I was looking forward to NOT having to attend any racing banquets this year, I am going to have to attend Oswego's banquet
for their induction. Which has me searching through the closet I had just cleaned out, as the weight I've gained since March is becoming an issue. I was at a lower weight than I had been in over a decade, pre-surgery. Immediately after surgery I lost another ten pounds or so. But with the 95% loss of testosterone and the change in metabolism, I'm weighing more than ever before. Sighhhhhhhh...............

I'd kinda like to make this banquet my last hurrah in racing As since being heavily involved since 1980, I've had enough. Strange considering in the early-90's I usually attended between 90 - 110 races per season. But now, other than seeing a handful of friends at each race, I really have zero desire to be at the track (any track), and usually can't wait to leave. I'm also finding myself nitpicking the things the tracks are doing wrong and that list seems to getting longer every race. Could 2009 be the year I finally make a clean break?

* Denotes copy borrowed from the Nashua Telegraph.


Thanks to Mike Douglas Sr & Mike Douglas Jr, I still haven't made a clean break from racing.

The above mentioned to debates between Karyn & Andrea aren't represented in the "Hanna" post due to Andrea later deleting her account, hence all posts went bye-bye. That is also a reason why many friends especially Gaily are not represented in the "The View From My Space" additions.

The View From MySpace

Oh Gurl, don't worry about the weight, you looked great last week. Harlan has already paid heavily for the Tequila-induced comments toward my rad-ass Mom and me LOL JK

Congrats on the Telegraph's awards. That's really cool they were recognized for their outstanding work.

I think your schedule for 2009 is already filled and as far as I can see there are no slots penciled in for races--well maybe races to the restroom, I WIN!!!! LMAO


Ok fess up, the only reason you put my name in here was to see if I actually read ALL your blogs; right?

I promise not to talk politics because quite honestly, like you I'm sick of them!

I think the Telegraph awards were awesome for more than one reason. I think that it was good having this issue brought out into mainstream society. More people need to understand that we are , just people. We are just dealing with things in the easiest manner we can. I think they picked the right people for that article in you, Jenn, Gerri and Anne.

The 2nd thing that I loved about these awards were the fact that they fly in the face of all the people who didn't want this story in the paper and didn't feel this was newsworthy. Hopefully by earning these awards the Telegraph can see the value and in turn gove us more positive exposure.

Your weight is a NON-ISSUE you look awesome! Besides they say that a little weight gain is a side effect of transition. Hopefully that weight is in the right spots and it just that your body fat is redistrubuting.

Congrat's on the compliment from your mom. You must have felt like you day was going to be way out of whack LMAO! ..

Lastly to your friend Andrea~ I hopeyou were teasin when you said I scared you, it wasn't my intention. If that is truly the case I am sorry for that and hope that we can start off on a better footing ...


Buuuurrrr I did notice a chill the other morning. Your always beautiful remember that.


This is so much awesome news! Thank you again so much for working with The Telegraph to tell your story. If you wouldn't mind, could you also pass on my thanks and congratulations to Karen and Corey, too? I know I've said this a few times before, but this series of articles means so much to me. My mom lives in Nashua and read every single one of the articles. It really helped her to understand my experience by being able to read about your experience and the experiences of others.

I think it's wonderful that your mother gave you such a nice compliment! Hopefully she has many more for you yet to come. ;)


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