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Plymouth State & Who Cares About Racing?

Originally posted on April 22, 2008

Plymouth State & Who Cares About Racing

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Finally, New Hampshire is having a spring season. And has it lifted my spirits incredibly. My painful infection is gone and I have never felt physically or mentally better in my life.

Knowing for a few weeks that I was going to be the keynote speaker at Plymouth State University's gay/straight alliance (ALSO) conference, I mistakenly procrastinated on writing my bullet points. Thursday and Friday nights were spent writing, correcting, re-writing, copying, pasting and fretting Saturday.

Saturday arrived and it's was a beautiful day. The drive to Plymouth was a nice one and despite having no directions, I managed to get close to the right place. I couldn't find the right building, but fortunately Jamie saw my reflection in a window and rescued me.

I met plenty of the people involved over their lunch break and then got to hear Gerri Cannon speak for the first time. I got called away from Gerri's seminar when "the door" (Corey) couldn't find his way. There went my final prep time for my speech. Ugghhhhhhhh.

A decent size crowd stayed for my speech. But after fretting too much about prepping my bullet points, I hardly got to use them. In talking with people over lunch, I found a few subjects they wanted to hear touched upon. I'd much rather discuss what someone wants to hear over what I'd plan to say. I wasn't sure if I had enough material for an hour. Then the ALSO President, Janelle asked if I could fill another fifteen minutes....oh boy!

The talk seemed to go fine. I got disjointed and a bit out of order, but I kept my humor in and instead of preaching facts, I served up recommendations, suggestions, and experiences. I wish I had known there would be so many questions on the Female to Male proceedures. I have the information, just wasn't prepared to answer in detail. But I'm going to Montreal for three days and will follow up with paper work from Dr Brassard for those that were interested. If I don't have the exact answer, I will get it.

I had a great time and met a lot of great people. Between talking at SNHU and PSU, I'm really enjoying getting to meet and help others. I knew I wanted to get into help others, but I never knew just how much I'd enjoy it. I know what I want to do with my future. The thought of chasing race cars all over the north east no longer holds any appeal to me. Helping others will be much more rewarding. Especially if they are as nice as those at PSU.

Sunday, I had my first race with the Mike Douglas' Duo. It was at Lee, so it was close and I got to see a few friends I haven't seen in a while. But very early in the day, I was approached by someone inquiring if I would speak at their high school. Will I? Of course I will. My pleasure.

Photographer Corey "The Window" Perrine & Myself at Lee USA Speedway


But now it's time to prep for Thursday's return to the scene of the crime, Montreal.

The View From MySpace

Hey... I care about racing :)


I told you we should do a lecture tour!! LOL I'm so happy you're doing these lectures. Just as I suspected Cynthia is a bundle of positive energy sealed with a smile. Seriously, seeing you doing these things is great and inspiring. Surely John would never have had the balls to speak in front of a college crowd!!

Keep up your good work and tell Dr B if he's interested there's a chick in Memphis who'd love to have dinner with him LOL...


I thought you did good today... we could tell you were nervous at first, but once you got talking you seemed fine. I thought your message was fairly universal, even for someone like me (a boob-obsessed, straight middle class white male from vt) to just be who you are and such.

Had me a little teary eyed though, as soon as you mentioned the first NEMA race I knew where you were headed with it. Even tho I'd never even heard of him before that day, I kind of consider all racers to be family... (cept for 1 butthole... lol).

I think what you're doing is great for others that are in a similar situation, and I learned a little bit more about you today as well.



I know I've said it a few times already, but thank you so much for coming up and speaking! It was wonderful to meet you in person and to also get to meet Gerri briefly. I had been looking forward to Saturday for a while but it was even better than I had anticipated. :)

I'm also really looking forward to helping others. I figure a lot of people are helping me to get where I'm going, so the least I can do is bring a few more with me along the way and return some of that good karma.


I know what you mean about enjoying your good deeds and wanting to fill your life with it. For all of Chad's worrying about me getting depressed over the great number of animals that need help, the exact opposite has happened. I'm invigorated, hopeful and want to do more. It's not the same as what you're doing, of course, but I do understand the high you get from helping others.

Hope you have a blast in Montreal - you deserve so many good things! We'll figure out a day to go to the Palace soon!


I'm sorry I missed you, I have laryngitis so I mostly stayed in the hauler. Before you ask I did watch practice and the heats and two laps of the race, baby steps! How are you doing? I hope you don't think I'm some kind of nut job, but I have to tell you again how inspiring you are, you should write a book! Take care, Elaine

Elaine W.

Don't be sorry, I arrived at the track way late and I was in a very depressed state, so I searched out no one. I just didn't want to be there.

Thanks for the kind words. Now aren't you sorry you stopped in the bagel shop before the Seekonk race? I don't know if I should be happy or embarrassed that you read my blogs.

But I can say, they are honest and straight from the heart.

Get well soon,


please don't be embarrassed, you are amazing and inspirational!

As far as the bagel shop goes, to be honest I did recognize you, or thought I did, from when you were an official in a past life. I have been around racing most of my life but I keep a low profile.

Elaine W.

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  1. I admire that you do this and I'm jealous too. Wish I had the drive too.