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OMG It's Here (January 24, 2008)

Originally posted January 23, 2009

OMG It's Here (January 23, 2008)

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My last day in NH, pre-surgery. I must say before I get on with the one year recap, this is really starting to hit me hard and if today was any indication, I'm going to be a basket case more often than not the next few weeks.

The work day was spent trying to get every possible thing done at work that I could. And thankfully I succeeded. The morning was interrupted by quite a few well wishers stopping by my office and a cake cutting ceremony (no, it wasn't phallic shaped!)

I had to get out of work ASAP. I had way too much to get done. I needed to get gas, a few more groceries and a few other items for my return home. I had mailed, in advance, my mortgage check knowing I was going to be out of the country and physically unable to mail it for two weeks. It as going to be tight, but I was praying my next automatic deposit would enter before the check arrived. BUT Stop N Shop didn't like my Flex Benefits card for the meds I was purchasing. Up against the clock and being after 5:00 on couldn't contact Benefit Strategies, I had no choice. I had to pay cash and get reimbursed upon my return home.

Great, I was leaving the States extremely tight on cash as it was and now it's been reduced byabout 25% and I have four friends coming to visit for the weekend in Montreal.

For the record, I wound up having to use my ATM card a few times in Montreal. The mortgage
check arrived in Dallas before my direct deposit arrived in Manchester and I got a $27 charge for being $2 over my balance. Bastards. It could have been prevented had I been alert enough to transfer all of $3 on Tuesday, but since I was roughly 24 hours out of surgery, on good pain killers and sleeping tons, checking my accounts didn't enter my mind. LMAO.

I finally made it home and started to get the "Do you really have to do this?" questions and attitude. But I was told not to worry anything about dinner and go pack. Something I should have started days earlier. It wasn't long before the dinner I didn't have to worry about, was in the broiler and had set off my houses ungawdly LOUD smoke detectors. Hence, I had to stop packing, vent the house, and try to shut the damn detectors up.

Finally after dinner, I went back to finish packing and made sure I had everything on the list from Dr Brassard's office to bring with me. I had set aside certain clothes to bring with me,
seeing Michelle, Gail, Linda & Carrie were coming to visit and we'd be out in Montreal and because I was going to be in Montreal during the Super Bowl, a special New England
Patriots shirt.

Seeing tomorrow was going to have the long drive and check in, I wanted to get to bed early and get as much sleep as possible. But I had one last task I needed to complete.
The Mod Chick Mafia had been so good to me and I had to write one last goodbye. Which was posted in a place that only they could find. Well.....not including the one hacker whom hijacked the forum...........

Being a moderator, I was able to lock the forum before any of the 9 1/2 others could post a reply.
Then immediately I went to bed.

Below, for the first time, the message titled "With A Little Help From My Friends" was posted to them,that very last night, is available to everyone's view. And saved here for my posterity.

Ok gang. I'm been contemplating what to put here for over a month. Every idea I came up with I hated and discarded. So I'm shooting from the hip.

When I started my Real Life Experience (RLE), right after signing up for Racersbored, it was supposed to be one of the most difficult years of my life. Thanks to each and every single one of you, it was the easiest year of my life. Granted there were a few scary and/or depressing moments, it was actually less frequent than a normal person's year would have been. Some encouraged me to be me. Some rescued me when I was considering becoming reclusive. Some rescued me after a severe depression after the Speedway Expo.

ALL of you have given me greats words, compliments and inspiration, even when you weren't aware or trying to. I have to thank you all. I never would have made it to where I am., without each of you.

Tomorrow, I leave for Montreal and I leave the RLE behind me and soon I'll start fresh. Hoping to leada quiet, peaceful, normal(?) life. Hopefully with the RLE behind me, I can shed the A&W issues.

I'm sincerely grateful to all 9 1/2 of you, I'll never, ever be able to repay it all back, but I promise I'll try. I love all of you.

Fanny, please don't hate me because I'll be tighter than you.

And despite the incredible amount of awesome, heart warming, uplifting quotes I've had from all of you, and yes the boatloads of teasing too, one in particular will always stand out. Always makes me smile.

One of you, I had just met hours earlier. Having a really good buzz on (too good?) she said "You seem really nice, but I have to admit, what you're doing really freaks me out!" Yes Kelly, a year later, it still freaks me out too.

But do know, after all is said and done, my heart will remain the same as it always was. Strong and open to all of you. Day or night.

Thank you.

And on that note, I went to bed, to be ready for the huge day
tomorrow was going to be

The View From MySpace

OH bitch I just saw this...pffft
"Fanny, please don't hate me because I'll be tighter than you"

Michelle aka Fanny

Leave it to you to throw a nasty curve ball in such a somber moment, I love it.


BAH HA HA HA HA! "Please don't hate me because I'll be tighter than you" HA HA HA!!! God, I love you, Cyn


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