Monday, February 6, 2012

The Note

The day after surgery, the hospital made us sit up for a bit. It was difficult but I sat longer than anticipated. When I finally couldn't sit any longer, I asked to be put back to bed. As I was one my way back to bed, I saw a piece of paper sticking out of my lap top travel case. I asked for the paper and it was written by Karen Lovett, moments after my surgery as she a Corey were heading back to NH. It reads.......

[moments after surgery]


You did it! Hard part's over. Enjoy the journey, and we'll talk to you soon.

Karen & Corey

We called Michelle, the phone tree has begun.

This one hastily scribbled note is probably my favorite souvenir of my two weeks in Montreal


In between rounds of consciousness, I did manage to send out a very quick e-mail to my friends back in the States to let them know I was ok. The replies were pretty unanimous. My humor was back, they knew I was back to myself mentally. It read as follows.......

Greetings from Montreal,

I thought I was coming up here to have my wisdom teeth out. You should see what they took instead! I should have gone to Barnes & Noble to get the English to French Dictionary instead of the Dollar Store.

I'm tired, weak and in moderate discomfort, but it's over.


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