Sunday, February 12, 2012

The New Friendship

Little did I know at the time of the exchanges with Karyn on March 30, 2008, that we'd become very close friends.

After the first Telegraph article (January 20, 2008), there were many pro and many anti comments left following the article. A few pro were left by a Karyn Maynard, but I work with a Caren Maynard, and found it odd that "Caren" would be reading the Telegraph I understood the difference.

My therapist did tell me that she had another patient she thought I would hit it off with and she was spot on. She said we had a lot in common. Thankfully Karyn wrote to me following the Telegraph. Much to our therapist's dismay, Karyn & I are both staunch conservatives.

We actually traded hundreds of e-mails before every actually meeting in person. She was right, she is a chatty one. LOL. But in time the bond grew and we found we had a lot of the same interests, music being a huge one, but food types, humor, politics etc. On almost all counts we agreed on everything. Karyn was a southern New Hampshire version of myself.

We were supposed to meet for dinner one night but Karyn chickened out. We did finally have dinner in August at KC's Rib Shack. Where I also got to meet Karyn's significant other, Diane. Could not have asked for a nicer evening a two nicer people. Not long after, we met again and found that what was planned as a two hour excursion usually ended up being four or five hours.

Her friendship came at the right time for me, as my old best friend, a Bill Clinton loving, NHPR listening, so called 'liberal' (in name only) abandoned me. The one person I swore would stick by me, no matter what, was the one person that let me down the most. My ultraconservative friends whom for sure I thought I'd lose, stuck by me 100%, but not the so called 'liberal'.

The Mod Chick Mafia, though I'm still close friends with all and love them all very, very much, but as a group the MCM self imploded not too much later.

Over time we talked a lot and found that as teenagers we were at the same concerts and shows quite often but obviously had no clue who each other were. I wonder how often we tripped over each other at these same concerts.

We've since gone to countless dinners, concerts, out for drinks and there is not a single day that we don't correspond at least once.

Little did I know at the time that Diane & Karyn would become like family and they would welcome me into theirs. I also never anticipated in our first year of friendship, that in 2011, I would accompany Diane and Karyn in Montreal for ten days , when Karyn had her SRS surgery. I honestly can't think of too many people I would do that for, but for these two wonderful friends, my commitment was never in doubt.

Some how, I can't even imagine the last four years without having met Diane & Karyn. All because Karyn reached out with an e-mail following the second Telegraph article. Putting myself out there to help others, came back to reward me in ways I never could have expected.

Thank you Corey, Karen, Diane & Karyn.

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  1. I had to take a day or two to digest this because when I read it, it really hit me. It was something that was moving to say the least.

    It's funny how things unfolded, you know me well enough to know that I dont keep friends based on being trans, only friends who have good hearts, great senses of humor and such. Needless to say I never expected to earn such a friend in you, i only sawe some parallels and felt like i should say hi and thank you. It was one of the best decisions I've made, i earned such an amazing friend and sister from it ..

    Luv u long time ..beatch