Friday, February 10, 2012

More Correspondence (February 2008)

hey sweetie,
been thinking of you a lot, finally just gonna take the time to drop you a line and let you know that I am thinking of you !!!

thought a lot about when we were in Canada and you said how the night at the Expo last year set you back and you cried all the way home..... I just felt so bad when I found that out. Not sure how or what to say in reply to it.

Wanted to make sure you knew that you should have talked to me or one of the girls about it then, right away, we are always open and brutally honest if nothing else.

AND that you really (from my end) needed not to feel bad about anything. I mean I felt bad because I drank too much and spent part of the night feeling like I was going to get sick , so kept running to the bathroom ... I know I am a light weight in the drinking dept..... but other than that I had a great time. Glad we got to share a room, and you were so cute in your pretty pink :)

Not sure that I helped or being so long since that moment it matters, but just know I support you, I think you Rock and I am very proud to be your friend and sister.
Love you long time,

From the head nurse at Dr Brassard's about my speaking at SNHU

Hello sweet Cynthia,

Thank you for your nice email.

It is so wonderful what you are doing. Anything you give from your experience I am sure you receive a lot too.

Just like when I give care. I receive so much from the people.

Francine is getter better and better everyday. She wants so much to be good.

I miss you too.

Anne xoxo

I am so sorry that we have not been in contact. We were thinking of you, could you feel it? You are one brave and awesome lady. We are so happy for you.

We knew you were headed for Montreal. I had read your blog about the Telegraph article (great article). I/we have no excuse for nor following up with you. Our bad. We are so sorry.

It took a huge pair of balls to do what you did. I cannot imagine what you went through all those years. We are so happy for you now that you can live your life in the body that you always felt you should have. welcome to a new world and a new life...Make it a HAPPY one.

You have a great inner strength and a great sense of humor.

Take care of yourself...and that means you have to rest and not run around and wear yourself out. I know you are excited but you MUST heal first, then you can party!

Love ya,
Mike and Joanne

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