Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Letter That Will Echo For A Lifetime

Originally sent to me March 30, 2008

Hi Cynthia,
I don't think you know me but who knows. I saw your story in the Nashua Telegraph and I want to thank you for putting yourself out there in a public manner like that.

I'm in transition myself and as a matter of fact Anne B and Dr Jenn Madden are both my Drs. I think you've done all of us who walk behind you a huge service by allowing your story to be told and I really hope you have gotten treated with the respect you deserve.

FWIW~ I was looking at your people to meet and Saw Annah Moore. Annah is a very dear friend of mine and actually was the person who helped save me from my misery and talked me into getting help. so, if you go to her webpage and blog then you may see my blog because it's on her blogroll ...

BTW Don't go by the myspace pics I have they are 2 yrs old LOL
Thanks for what you've done
Karyn Maynard
Hudson NH

My Reply

Hi Karyn,

I figure we must have crossed paths at some point. Seeing we are the same age and obviously both music junkies.

I don't collect friends on here so I go over people's profiles if I don't think I know them. As soon as I saw Annah and then your guitar collection, you were in. I love your 1986 blue Charvel. It reminds me a lot of one that Jon Butcher used to use.

Thanks for the great words. E-mails like yours are what's made it worth me putting myself out there. My goal is to help others and to pay it forward. Just your words are worth more than any monetary value. Annah was a huge inspiration to me, and she is an idol to me.

Thank you for writing, you completely made my night and please let's keep in touch. You are not in this alone.

And Karyn's Follow Up Reply

I guess we live by the same creed ..

Annah is referred to as my Sister, she is very dear to me and probably saved my life. Funny enough, I knew Annah long before I ever knew she was trans. When I heard about her story on DHC it opened up someone to talk to about it.

Anyhoo, she was talking about coming up this year to spend some time with my wife and I. If she does I'm sure we can hook up so you can meet her if you like ..

So you like my 86 charvel? Thanks, it is a nice guitar and obviously I'm hooked on Charvel. I run a huge BB for their guitars.. that's actually how I knew Annah and when Annah was in Ignitor I helped he get her Jackson endorsement ..

I was cruising through your pictures and I notice a picture of you with Anna. I met her at Anne B's a few times. Kind of cool seeing someone I knew.

My words of gratitude are nothing compared to putting yourself out there as you have. Dealing with this I understand how hard it can be opening yourself up and being vulnerable like that. So when I saw that I thought I should say thanks ... You've earned that...

If you go over to my Blog and hit this link there's newer pictures of me 2/3rds of the way down, who knows we may have crossed paths and you might recognize me...

http://karynm. blogspot. com/2008_01_01_archive. html

By all means, I'd love to keep in touch, seems like we have somethings in common. Please feel free to drop me a line wherever you like ... I'm always chatty .. LOL

Thanks again

And thus began probably the closest friendship I've ever had, with not only Karyn but also her significant other, Diane. Two people I can not imagine life without.

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