Friday, February 24, 2012

Let’s Lighten Things Up Again

Originally posted on November 1, 2008

Let’s Lighten Things Up Again

Current mood: complacent

Due to circumstances beyond my control, it's seems there has been a lot of negativity on here lately. Enough of that, time to get back to the brighter side. Everything contained within is meant in a positive or lighthearted manner. Just in case my favorite "Indiana to Oswego"transient gets confused again.

Thanks to everyone for the messages, cards, phone calls, e-mails etc. It'sall been very much appreciated. Just sucks having the "I woulda/shoulda's" to deal with. But I must learn and look to the future, as I can't fix the past.

Sorry for the delays in getting back to a lot of e-mail over the past two weeks. I'm going to try to play catch up this weekend. "Try", key operative word though.

It was great to see friends at the Oswego awards banquet and to see Carol Haynes & Jerry Rich inducted to the Oswego Hall of Fame. But honestly, I forgot just how boring racing banquets can be. My room at the Turning Stone Casino was awesome though. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the huge, lighted, magnifying mirror off the wall and into my suitcase though.

Tonight was Halloween. It was always the favorite holiday of Kitty, the cat I had to put to sleep, three weeks ago. She would always sit on the staircase that leads to the bedrooms, which faces out the front door and wait for the kids to arrive. She never sat there any other day, but she knew and loved Halloween.

Speaking of cats, the former stray cat that followed me around for months, more like a dog than a cat, has suddenly abandoned me for my mother, ever since the passing of my sister. Since the day she returned from Sante Fe, the cat clings to her, which has suddenly changed my her opinion on the cat. Guess he really has a secured home now.

Tonight at Newbury Comics I noticed, guys in costumes, look like guys in costumes. But girls in costumes, look damn hot!

Despite not recalling hearing the song "Josie" by Steely Dan once in Montreal, every time I hear the opening notes, I'm transported back to last January, in Montreal. I swear I don't remember hearing that song once, when I was up there but I certainly must have, because those flashbacks occur every single time that song comes on.

Watching the NY Giants get crushed a few weeks back and me being a Giants fan that hates Eli Manning, came to a sudden realization. OMG, Eli really won a Super Bowl! And it was over the 18-0 Patriots. Guess it wasn't a nightmare or the pain killers after all..........

Strangely, I've always disliked the band Traffic, but since my return from Montreal, I'm finding myself liking them more and more. Enough, that I bought a double cd of greatest hits tonight. But ANY Steve Winwood solo music, will still turn my stomach sour, in two notes.

I'm now in the planning stages of going to Montreal for the January 28 anniversary. But a big part of me remembers how brutally cold and snowy it was in January and how absolutely gorgeous Montreal was in April. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......Either way, I'll be taking a few days vacation around January 28.

Last night I had another, but yet MUCH stronger "phantom parts" dream. Very, very strange, but I could have sworn the old parts were still there. Truly a bizarre feeling. Physically and mentally.

Demonstrating how time kills all pain, I'm still missing the times of last winter/spring. Despite the fact that walking, sitting, lifting, getting in/out of bed were very difficult and dreaded chores. Now I can understand how a woman can have a second or third child, after cursing like Linda Blair in the Exorcist, during her delivery.

I have spent a few great nights having dinner with Diane & Karyn. Two people I feel like I've known forever and seeing how much we have in common, we probably should have. Humor, music and politics being the biggest common ground. They have been a true godsend and I'm very thankful for them both. They are a lot of fun and the time just flies by. Diane helps keep Karyn in line and that is just too much fun. Much to Karyn's dismay. I can't imagine life without them and I hope I never have to. Now I just need to get Karyn to like real sports and not that stupid baseball. :-p

I've set a tentative time table for retiring from Newbury Comics. Hopefully getting extra rest during the week, will improve my attitude about returning to racing in 2009. Seeing I was hired for two months, but stayed for nine years, there should be no regrets on either side.

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