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January 20 (One Year Later)

Originally posted January 20, 2009

One Year Ago Today , January 20, 2008

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For those who read this dreck (for the life of me I'll never understand why) this may be repetitive of things heard before. You may just want to skip these. For the next two weeks or there about, I'm reflecting back on the biggest and most incredible time period of my life. Exactly one year out.

Despite years of therapy, hormones, despair, self-doubt,and Real Life Experience, it seems this is the best place to start.

It was one year ago today, January 20, granted it was a Sunday, I was up until very early in the morning. Exact time, I still don't recall.For the most part chatting on Racersbored with Nathan & Carrie Kelly, Jeff Beckwith and a few others. They didn't know it, but I was stressed. After they went to bed, I was still up, hitting refresh every five minutes on Nashua The first article was finally due to publish.

Shockingly there it finally was, the lead story of all things. Little did I realize then, the lasting repercussions of this article. I was scared reading it, but my fears were unfounded. Completely. Karen and Corey did an amazing job. Much, much more to my approval than I had ever feared. Although the story had been slated for months earlier, the timing as it stood, was dead perfect. I was leaving for Montreal that very Thursday.

I had to run out early that afternoon to pick up print copies. Karen had told me that I could pick up copies at two different stores on South Willow St, very near Newbury Comics. The first one I went to, sold out. Great. The second one I went to, had copies. As I bent down to pick some up. There I was. Top half of the front page, in full color. Holy sh*t! I had bigger coverage than the then 17 - 0 Patriots who were playing for the AFC Championship in just a few minutes. I purchased the remaining copies and was quite thankful the clerk didn't recognize me on the cover, although they seemed perplexed that I had multiple copies of only Nashua Telegraphs. Months later, I found the Telegraph for sale much closer to home. Dooooohhhhhh.

As I was rushing home, to watch the Patriots vs the Chargers, my tex tmessages were never ending with praise for article. In hindsight, I wish I had saved them. I got home to a ton of e-mail messages with similar praise and well wishes. One of which was from an ex-girlfriend, having read the article and requesting that I call her. She never understanding what a short conversation is, was going to have to wait. I wasn't staying on the phone through the Pats game. Unfortunately for her, my second favorite team, the NY Giants were due to play immediately following the Pats. Both games being nail biters, I never did get to call her. One year later, I still haven't called. LMAO.

To this day I still get tons of praise. I didn't write it or edit it.Karen & Corey did. Praise them not me. I also made contact with old friends, current well wishers and met some great new people via that article.It also gave me a minor 'rock-star' status with the people at Dr.Brassard's convalescence home.

Little did I realize that waiting for that article, which the very mean Karen Lovett wouldn't show me in advance, was actually one of least amount of stresses yet to come this week.

The View From MySpace

One of the things I was told that was a positive in my blog is the good the bad and the ugly. In other words it talks about good days and bad days, it doesn't sugar coat transition and shows that we go through a lot to be whole.

I think every step no matter how mundane you may feel it is for the reader is a step that someone else needs to take and needs to have the knowledge that someone else had too.

Between the telegraph and this you should share more of it for you, your friends and every t-girl behind you.
Pay it forward, remember?

I see you as a pillar of strength but I also see that you are just as human as I am. As crazy as it sounds I was happy to hear about your self doubt the other day. Not because it hurt you but because it shows that I'm not the only one who fears it ...

Keep up the good work Cyn.
You are an awesome girl and an even better friend!


I do praise them for writing the article, but honestly Cyn I also praise you for letting them in to be a part of your experience and share it with everyone in such a positive light. Your story made it much easier for my mother to understand my own experience, and that means so much to me. So yes, praise to Karen and Corey for their writing, but praise to you, also, for your courage, advocacy and openness.

By the way, I LOVE THE RUTLES! :D


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