Sunday, February 12, 2012

Isn't It Strange.......

Originally posted on March 23, 2008

Isn’t It Strange......

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.......Easter used to be filled with the Easter Bunny, family and dinner. As I get older, it’s just another boring Sunday, with none of the above.

.......the two weeks I was in Montreal, I couldn’t wait to get home. Now that I’m home, I wish I was back in Montreal.

.......for the first time since 1979, I’m not going to be working in racing. Some days I think I’ll miss it. Some days I could care less if I never see another race car again.

......since I was 18, I’ve been a beer drinker. The last two months I can’t stand the taste of it.

......some friends I’ve had for decades have become shallow. But friends I’ve known for just over a year I feel like I’ve known for decades. viewing a photograph you’ve never seen before, can bring the memories and emotions of that very moment, crashing back like a tidal wave. I’ve met two radio shock jocks briefly, but after listening to them for a decade, just hearing their voices on the radio can bring comfort, like a long lost security blanket.

......the grass is always greener on the other side. One friend was shocked about my gender issues because I was the one "who’s head was always screwed on tight" but I was always looking up to him for his career, family, wife, home etc. This week, I found out he’s getting divorced............. used to be a major priority in my life. Now that I’m out, I’ll surely miss some of the people, who were like family, but if I don’t attend, they won’t even notice.

......two months of recovery sounds eternal, but time flies by in a flash. Making everything that
happened in those two months, seem like years ago. being the former chairperson for The Merrimack Valley Young Republicans, kept me fully involved and interested in every aspect of politics. Now, if I never hear the names Obama, Clinton or McCain again, it’ll be fine by me.

......speaking of politics, how two states can be told up front, if you have your primary before "x" date, your delegates won’t get seated. But after they violate the rule they were informed of, they cry foul and don’t want to pay the price, that was set for their own error. when ESPN lost NA$CAR coverage rights, they barely covered NA$CAR on Sports Center. Now that they are covering some races again, NA$CAR gets fair coverage. Now it’s the NHL is getting treated like the red headed step child. Congress is more concerned about steroids and video tapes in sports, than the on going war and terrible shape the American dollar has become.

...... how I miss you Room 206.

The View From MySpace

we will revisit Montreal. This time to celebrate to the fullest. Maybe a year from the date we should all go again..That would be a blast...I'll deal with the bridge BUT NO CLOWNS....


believe me, you will be missed, even if it is only by me, at the racetrack. my life seems to change every 7 years. that seems to be the cycle. i feel like i've had 7 cycles in the last 7 months! racing seems to be getting to be less of a priority for me right now too. since i've gotten back involved in music, and am finally tasting some success with it, coupled with my current financial issues, i keep forgetting how close the upcoming racing season is. there's more. i will message you.

Robert G.

hey don't start your shit man...i'm pissed you aren't gonna be around to steer me straight on shit at the track. i hate the idea that a talented person like you isn't going to be a part of something that needs more people who give two shits.

first you, now my best friend is talking bout goofy shit. get yer head outta yer ass and pull the bra strap up bitch. so you got real in touch with the female side, now it's YOUR turn not to give up on the friends you think you lost. try being a single dad and not having your kids near you on easter to watch them search for the eggs you hid then cry to me about how easter isn't fun or important anymore. so beer doesn't taste good, it will again, or if it doesn't so f'n what? drink that near beer shit you always made fun of before.

maybe i'm goin over the edge here, but this post really kinda reminded me of some shit that you always bitched about before concerning one of our friends. none of this is strange, it's life and you knew a lot of this would happen. you told me not to change or treat you different. i'm not, i have no sympathy for you about this. maybe you are afraid to come to the racetrack because of what some assholes will say. let em say what they will. trust me i've defended you plenty of times already and will again because yer still my dawg...whether you have a cack or a gash. that's how it is. now i'm gonna go drink a sam adams and toast to the friend i love.

Bobby G.


  1. looks like Bobby G is a pretty cool friend. We gotta meet up sometime. I'm not sure when you volunteer at the shelter but I don't go in much anymore. I used to pick up all the donations but can't at the moment so now I go in sometimes on saturdays but never see you there so I'm guessing you go in on other times. I'll have to have a shelter party and have you and a bunch of these other volunteers I never see either come. should be a fun time! and Bobby is right.... be who you are and stand strong for what you believe in. Do what makes you happy whatever that is and tell the rest to F off! :) your never met me friend Ana :)

    1. Bobby is a good guy. A loud mouth but a good guy. You must note, that was posted four years ago. I'm not at the shelter itself, but at PetSmart on Wednesday evenings.