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I Just Got An F

Originally posted on March 19, 2008

I Just Got An F

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I spent the afternoon getting my gender marker changed.

First stop, Social Security. When my number was called, I stepped to the window and stated I needed the gender changed. The lady at the window had a puzzled look and said "To what?" I replied "Female." She showed me the computer screen and some how it had already been changed! Must have changed with my name change. Nice.

Second stop, the Hillsborough Superior Court as per the NH Vital Records Dept. They were more confused than the lady at Social Security and sent me to the Probate Court. The people I dealt with there were extremely helpful. There was an incredibly nice judge on hand, who hand wrote out my orders (with the state seal) to give to the Manchester City Hall to amend my birth certificare with my new name and proper gender. Then off to City Hall.

After filing the changes at City Hall, it was off to the DMV to get a license with the proper gender mark. After about 15-20 minutes, out I walked with my new license, complete with an "F" where that gawd awful "M" used to be. It may have been a cold rain in New Hampshire all day today, but leaving the DMV, I walked into pure sunshine.

Just that little piece of plastic was worth the seven weeks of pain. Every minute of it.


All of those was done while being shadowed by Karen Lovett (writer) and Corey Perrine (photographer) for a follow up story in the Nashua Telegraph that was never printed.

The View From MySpace

Girl.....feels good don't it....can't wait myself

Andrea S.

YEAH!!!!!! That is soooo awesome Cyn.!
Cant wait to celebrate w Ya!


Cynthia, I now have another person to look up to, you are an asset to our gender!


Congratulations! That's wonderful news! ^_^




You came to my building and didn't stop in to see me? YOU BITCH!!!! ;)

I'm so glad that people were kind and helpful and that you left happy! Not too many people leave government offices with such a spring in their step. :)


Congrats Cynthia :) must feel good


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