Saturday, February 11, 2012

Happiest St Patrick's Day

Originally posted March 17, 2008

Happiest St Patrick’s Day

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No I can’t go out and drink green beer, as per usual.

But in the mail arrived my affidavit from Montreal, stating that my birth records and all official records stating ’male’ are incorrect, as I am now legally female.

Tomorrow or Wednesday it’s off to Social Security, the Hillsborough Superior Court and the NH DMV. Ok dealing with government offices will be a drag (no pun intended), but this one time, who cares!



My friends Mayzy (Mary) & Kevin did talk me into going out for green beer after all. Heck, I was only too happy to celebrate!

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That's wonderful! And I'm sorry, but I find it incredibly ironic it came on the day on which St. Patrick is celebrated for allegedly chasing all the snakes out of Ireland. *giggle*


Not to be nit-picky, but technically you can no longer be considered "in drag" while dressing in blouses and makeup, missy. :) (or with having girl bits to be more blunt!)

I'm so glad you're doing well!


Oh there was pun intended there gurl LMAO JK

Congrats!! and on what better day for it all to fall in place?? Yayyyy... I really can say that you're my Mommy now huh??

Oh and I watched the DHC program like 3 times Saturday night. You really gotta set me up with Dr. B. I was never big on Canadian men in the past but damn that's one fine specimen!! ;)


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