Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Goodbye Note

At Dr Brassard's convalescence home, in the coffee table in the living room is and over sized journal. The patients are requested to leave some form note. I wasn't sure what to write. I knew it wasn't going to be easy. In fact I even consulted my dear friend Mayzy (Mary), whom is a nurse, about how she feels about patients leaving makes her feel.

On my many journeys back to Montreal, I always stop to look at the book. The one I signed has since been filled, but is kept in the office. I love to read the notes of the people I met there in the early winter of 2008 and on my other trips. Foolishly, I didn't contact information for the other patients at the time, just the nurses. Seemed right at the time, now I regret it.

Just reading my words and the words of the others, always strikes up emotions I never would have been capable of in my first four decades. They still choke me up. I tearfully wrote these words on the Wednesday evening before returning home.

I believe this is the time I've ever posted them publicly........My goodbye note......

The most difficult part of the entire trip is this part right here. Plus leaving and saying "Goodbye" to all of you. You have all been fantastic. As nurses and as people, you were all wonderful.

Everyone was amazingly attentive and caring. You all have made a major impact not only on my healing and my stay here, but also in life itself. Just being able to talk with you made the two week stay worthwhile.

Leaving you and saying "goodbye" hurts me more than any surgery.

You all invested your time and faith in me, and I promise I will spend a lifetime "paying it forward".

I love you all and will miss you greatly.

Peace & Love,

New Hampshire

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