Thursday, February 16, 2012

The For The Article That Never Printed

Following surgery, the Nashua telegraph was supposed to do a post surgery article. I sat with Karen Lovett at a long painful lunch at the Olive Garden. surgery's fault, not Karen's, LOL.

Plus I did a video interview with Corey in mid February and a video interview with Karen in early April.

But Karen had asked me to keep track of things I needed to learn to do different post surgery. Below is a brief, unused, yet comical exchange, that happened in May 2008.

Hi Karen,

I forgot, you had asked me to keep track of things I've had to relearn. So far, there is only three.

1. How to dress for a wake/funeral without being over or under dressed.
I was used to gray pants, black shoes, white shirt, tie & coat.

2. The proper 'hover' technique in a port-a-potty. I certainly don't want to touch anything. And now that paranoia had me keeping a bottle of Purell in the car and a monster sized bottle of Germ-X in my race day bag.

3. How to and what colors to apply for make up, after being sun burnt on my face, with my glasses on. Leaving me with that raccoon appearance. I passed that test...phew......




Hi Cynthia,

This is great...and I'm laughing out loud at numbers 2 and 3.


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