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The Eve Of Destruction

Originally posted on January 23, 2008

The Eve Of Destruction

Well tomorrow morning I leave for Montreal and won't be returning the same. I'm really going to miss a lot of people while I'm away but I'll try to stay in touch as best I can.

I had two great nights recently, one with Laura aka Lola. The minute I met her eight years ago, I knew I bonded with her. But never would have thought this many years later, she be a huge inspiration to me.

The other night was dinner and drinks with Mary (Mayzy). She's a good Irish girl who's a ton of fun and knows just when to say the right thing. Thanks girls, they made for awesome going away dinners.

It's amusing to me, that just as people are incresingly telling me how amazing, strong, brave etc. I am, I finally had the pressure melt me down starting yesterday afternoon. Then and today was a massive roller coaster, mostly down. But I'm overwhelmed by people, especially the last few days. I think I surprised a few Cummings people today, showing my vulnerability. I think the Telegraph article had a lot to do with people really warming up.

Special thanks to Karen Lovett and Corey Perrine from the Telegraph. The article was incredible and the video.........Corey turned four hours of babble into two minutes, that even I found compelling, Based upon those, I've heard from friends I haven't heard from in years(all positive), some issues got brought to daylight and I'm now going to be speaking to a class on February 13 at Southern New Hampshire University. I remember when I used to be shy!

I can't list everyone because I'll forget someone or something and I don't want to do that. But thank you to all who made the past two years incredibly easy. So instead of naming names, I'm going to attempt to group them. Newbury Comics employees (past & present), Cummings employees (past & present), The Jabbers and their fans, the Geezerteezers and their associates, Serendipity Day Spa, Alternative Sun/Spider Bite, North East Midget Association, assorted racing people from Lee, ISMA & Oswego.

Extra special thanks go to the fine folks at and course the girls of the Mod Chick Mafia.

Some consider this the end and losing a friend. Some consider this a new beginning. I prefer to think of it as a new start. And I'm going to end this blog with the words the Jabbers use to start a concert......

"Welcome to__________________ and this is punk rock, mother f----r!"

The View From MySpace

you're gonna be fine! everything is going to be ok. you have so much support & love. take care & keep in touch when you can!

Robert G.

cynthia..As always, your words leave me speechless! I will treasure that night out we had..I had you exclusively to myself for a few hours, and was able to listen to you, as you were there listening to my babble. I feel closer to you now more than ever! I regret not being able to make the journey north, but just know I will be there in full spirit! AND I fully expect to get phone texts for those silly gals making the travel. At the risk of sounding spritual ( gawd forbid)....GODSPEED on your every sense of the word!


And to think one of the most amazing friendships started at a Jabbers show MF'er (JK)... who would have thought almost 3 years ago in the now defunct Bombshelter that *I* was meeting THE single most influential, courageous, woman of my lifetime? Even you had no idea the impact you would have on my life over the next 2 and a half years. You're amazing Cynthia.

Be safe on the trip to Montreal. We'll chat when you get there gurl.-- and just for the record gurl, you're always compelling. That's what makes you unique.


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