Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dear Sir Or Madam Would You Read My Book

Dear Sir Or Madam Would You Read My Book

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Thanks to SuzyISMA, I realized I hadn't updated my blog in a while. Sorry about that.

I had my stress test and before I even started my blood pressure was elevated, but I did the test and passed with flying colors. It took about a week or so after but the pain finally left my arms and I was feeling back to normal. Best we can figure it must have been a virus of some sort.

My brother was home for the first time in almost two years. But the visit was extremely anti-climatic and I hardly even saw him. Not surprising but still disappointing.

I've still got the stray cat that I found two weeks ago. He's a great cat but I still need to place him. But he does follow me around, almost like having a dog instead of a cat. He's going to have to go to a good home. But I have become quite attached.

Physically the surgical area is getting better though things still are a bit tender at times. Still Montreal seems all so long ago, it amazes me that it was just six months ago.

I did make my first trip to Hampton Beach post surgery. I was still a bit nervous as this would me the most undressed I had been in a busy public setting, but things went great. No problems what so ever. If I can pass that, I should be able to pass any test! I'm looking to return this coming Wesnesday with the "Original Cyn", something I'm very much looking forward too.

I'm taking this week for vacation. Being out for six weeks earlier this year I really wasn't planning on it, but I'm really getting burnt out and three weeks ago I decided I needed one. Seeing I still had 15 days vacation time to use by the end of 2008, this was the time. Work is going fine but Newbury is really burning me out with the extra hours.

Not much is planned on vacation, but the previously mentioned beach trip. Tuesday will be full of errands and seeing the original therapist that actually saved my life so many years ago. It will be the first time she see's me post-op.

The first rainy day (probably Monday) I'll spend time cleaning out more of John's stuff. I held on to a lot of clothes 'in-case' but I can't go back to being John even if I wanted to. I don't. But it's one of the chores I figured I could get done while recovering from surgery, little did I realize when I made that plan just how much surgery would knock me physically.

Increasingly I'm finding that first month post op to be a blur, but every now and then I get deja vu which brings me right back to the time and place. It seemed like it took forever then, but now it seems like a flash.

But vacation got off to a great start. Tonight I had dinner with Karyn & Diane. Karyn had introduced herself after the second Telegraph article had printed. Though we trade e-mail almost daily, tonight was the first time I had met her in person. She & Diane were awesome. We all love music and have a similar sense of humor (watch out world). As a couple, they remind me very much of the Original Cyn and I. Too much so. Not a bad thing granted. But I'm looking forward to getting together with them more often. Down to earth, fun, honest people are hard to find. These two are keepers.

Between meeting these new friends, the MCM and getting closer with old friends, the whole transition has been very positive on the friends side. Now it's time to start putting myself out there on the romance side. Problem is, it's been so long that I don't even know where to begin. And that is a scary thing. Very, very scary.

The View From MySpace

The trip to the beach is a big step. That's awesome! I can imagine you were very nervous. I'm glad it went so well. I can't believe it's been only six months since your surgery, too! That was about the time I started to get to know you. It seems so long ago but it isn't.


It was such a pleasure spending time with you. You're a cool chick and we had a blast. I only wish you had mentioned the beach trip at dinner, congrats!


Look at that, a shout out to SuzyISMA!! Now that is a blast from the past in both our lives!! Man how we have both changed. Now it's more like Suzy NO ISMA!!


Hi Cynthia,
Jerry (Rich) just has to run his mouth. Hahaha. I was glad he brought the newspaper clippings for me to read. It filled in a lot of gaps and questions. I am very glad you are doing well and are happy. It will be fun to get to know you as Cynthia...once I get over the giggling. Sorry, but since you are the first person I have known that has followed the path that you have. So giggling is my strange way of being with someone that is so different in appearance than I used to know. It is my own problem and support your decision completely.

I hope there is time to see you over Classic or if you should come prior to that (I will have more time then).


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