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Days 3 & 4

Posted on Racersbored the morning of January 26, 2008

Hey Cyn


Wine and dine yourselves nicely, have fun and be loud!!

Heidi on Racersbored 1/26/2008

Thanks Heidi, I miss you all so much. It's awesome to have their visit to look forward to. I think it was great to have a fe days to get myself back together and have company.

After tomorrow night I probably won't be doing any updated, so I hope some way to get news posted somewhere.

Thanks everybody. I love you all. You're the bestest.


Originally posted on January 27, 2009

Days 3 & 4

Current mood: adored

This will be short. I'll do a more thorough update later in the week.

Both days were awesome. Spent with Michelle, Carrie, Gaily & Linda (MCM), plus Karen & Corey from the Nashua Telegraph. Shopping dining, trying to stay warm, etc. It was a blast and an awesome way to spend my last weekend. It broke my heart when the MCM chicks left. I love these girls, very much.

Just before checking to the actual hospital, I was doing an audio/video interview and with 14 minutes to go until I checked into the hospital, the nice couple I had met on Thursday, from Eastern Canada, called me to wish me luck. I had known these wonderful people for 20 hours and they had touched my soul,. I cried when they left. To think that they would call me, broke me into tears and a quivering voice. All captured on audio/video. I was so touched and floored. I've made friends for life. I'm such a sappy chick now.....

My surgery will be tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. So do not look for any updates on Monday afternoon or evening.

One thing I will say is, these people are precise. If they say breakfast is ready at 8:00, it's ready at 8:00. I was supposed to go to the hospital at 7:00 pm, and they were knocking at my door at 6:59. The health care up here blows away any care I've ever had in America.

And to answer all of the girls that have asked, YES Dr Brassard is as good looking in person as he is on TV. Very concerned, caring and compassionate. I came to the right place. Tomorrow will be just fine.

Thanks to all for the texts, e-mails, calls, cards and presents. I haven't the time yet to correspond personally yet, but I'm trying to get to that ASAP. Please don't be slighted if it takes a few days.

My condolences to Gil Bertrand & Tim Bertrand on the untimely passing of their wife/mother. R.I.P.

Peace & Love,


The View From MySpace


You go girl! We are with you in spirit and mind. You occupy our thoughts today, we wish you the best of everything and a speedy recovery. All our love! Judi & Mikayla Howden


I hope everything went well! and thanks for being you, you're an awesome person and friend.


I can't believe today is the big day! You have been in my thoughts all day and will continue being there.


You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are grey. You'll never know dear how much I love you.


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