Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day Two ( Racersbored Views)

Day two as viewed from Racersbored January 25, 2008

OK OK I am SO excited about Cyn’s new box. I admit it. There

Thought about you all day and night, for the “I forgot the address call". It put a smile on my face to hear your voice. A scared voice but a safe voice.

Wish I/we could be there for you the whole time, Can’t we get time off for a sister?


Here kitty, kitty……we have some milk for you……


I was nervous, but it was more hearing your voice. I was trying to hold back tears.


Let the emotions roll. Sorry I only met John once. This crazy chick is the one I love.


One funny part of the trip, this is true.

I’m in Montreal trying to figure where I’m going. I’m in Boston-like traffic, in the town (off the highway) and I notice all the business signs are in “Spanish”, I figure I’d better be careful, I’m in a bad area, my years of Boston experience.

Until it dawns on me, all the signs are in French!


Ok, ok, now that my friend is funny shit…….


Miss you Cynderelli!!!

Wish we were there already so I could give you a BIG hug!!!

Soon and you will get EXTRA ((HUGS))

If there is anything we can bring just holler because you know we would do anything for you…..the Mod Chicks stick together – we will be representing for one and all!

So, nice and warm in Canada is it? Just say yes J

Love you XOXOXOX – Wonder Woman


One last thing be fore I stop annoying you with A & W. I got an e-mail in my Yahoo account today. Basically they got my address from a Yahoo group. This is what it read……

"Hi Cyn,
I just wanted to thank you so much for interviewing for
the articles in The Telegraph! My mom has been reading them and I feel
it's really helping her to understand me better.
Warmest Regards,

That is the precise reason I put my reputation and my balls (while I have them) on the line.

That one paragraph is priceless to me.


Soooooooooo awesome! There’s one person you may have helped…I know there will be more, but hey it’s all bonus from here.


I just met with the doctor. Everything is a go. I can see why the girls like him. He is cute. Does nothing for me granted.

Just prior I had lunch and met the two new girls that just came back from their stay at the hospital. They are doing the “Montreal Shuffle”. One of the girls is the absolute cutest little thing and I swear on my life, she was a female all of her life. Absolutely adorable.

I also said ‘goodbye’ to the couple from New Brunswick. I only met them yesterday, but I’m really going to miss them. But I got an address, phone number and e-mail address. On come the f—king fawcets again…….


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