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Day Two (January 25, 2008)

Originally posted January 25, 2008

Day Two

Current mood: anxious

Well I must say I'm certainly shocked at how many viewed "Day One" Thanks for the great comments,texts and e-mails. Thet definetely make me feel more like I'm closer to home. I'll try to write to eachindividually, but please give me some time.

The staff here has been great, but being waited on 24/7, goes against my nature. I'm bored, let me do something!
I didn't get much sleep last night even with the help of a sleeping pill that was supposed to take effect in 20 minutes. But 90 minutes later I was still wide awake. Thank goodness fo wi-fi internet.

I was awoken this morning with a text from Carrie which got the day off with a smile. I then played on the computer until it was time for breakfast. Other than meeting with Dr Brassard, this was a "me" day. But seeing it's January, winter and I'm in Montreal, I wasn't venturing too far. It was supposedly very cold out and spitting snow. My room and house coat were nice and warm. Much more to my liking.

After breakfast, I showered and made my self presentable. I stayed in my room catching up with
friends via e-mail or, until I was asked to go down stairs. The couple I had met just yesterday, were set to return home and wanted a photo. How I could know someone less than 24 hours and feel so close to two people baffles me. But when they left, I felt heartbroken and retired to the sanctity of my room.

Clarissa & I

The rooms at the new residence are great. the place is very clean, quite roomy and very comfortable. I have a sink in my room but must share the other facilities. Each room also has a flat screen tv with a dvd player built in, attached to the wall. Great now I can watch the dvds I brought without wearing my laptop.

But soon it was time for lunch, where I met the two girls who had surgery on Tuesday and they had just returned from the hospital. They were doing the "Montreal Shuffle", while gingerly walking, sitting and eating. What am I setting myself up for? It had better be worth it. Yeah, it will be.

As soon as I finished lunch, Dr Brassard appeared and I had my consultation. Basically it was him
inquiring if I had questions (I didn't), a brief proceedure discussion, then we went to my room for a visual inspection. It doesn't appear that I will need any skin grafts to add depth. Thank goodness.

After he left I stayed in my room, playing on and trading yet more e-mail with
friends. One awesome e-mail I got from a stranger. It was a new girl thanking me for allowing myself to be interviewed for the Nashua Telegraph. Her mother had read my story and finally beginning to understand what her child was expereiencing.

Finally the lack of sleep caught up to me, and I elected to watch TV. Watching the Las Vegas fire at the Monte Carlo Casino until I fell asleep. I needed the rest, no doubt.

I had to get up for dinner. I must say the four meals I've had here have been outstanding and plentiful. Certainly not hospital food! I spent some time talking and socializing, but I retired back to my room.

Four of the Mod Chick Mafia are due to arrive tomorrow. I can't wait. I miss them very much. a
familiar face with a hug is exactly what I'm in need of. Of course, if I was so broken up when the couple I had just met left, I'll be devastated when Carrie, Gaily, Linda & Michelle leave me on Sunday. I won't dwell on that, I'll just sleep well knowing they'll be here soon.

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