Friday, February 3, 2012

Day One (Racersbored Views)

January 24, 2008

So it’s like 5pm, has anyone heard from Cyn to see if she made it ok? I
texted her earlier, she was still on 89.

Anyone heard from her since? Is she there? Safely? Cozy? In good spirits?

And –yeah – I created this thread cause I know we all care so much about
Cyn and I wanna know every little detail I can during her NEW beginnings
trip. I know she’s overwhelmed and happy with all our text messages but
thought we could all share here too amongst each other in between.

Just got a call from wonderful Cynderelli….She is in OH CANADA… But
lost the address to where she had to go…FANNY to the rescue….LOL She
sounded good but very nervous.

I did get a message from Cyn a bit ago, that she arrived and safe.

She sent me a message saying she is doing better now, than when she first
arrived, and that the place she is staying is beautiful.
I bet tonight will be such a hard night for her. I hope she reaches out to us,
no matter what time it is!

I‘m here and I must admit I laughed when I saw the thread.
I got here ok. It was a relief to get here, wasn’t difficult by any means but
it’s faster told in person than by my ‘hunt & peck’ typing.

Just as I arrived it was dinner time so I had to quickly dump my bags in my
room and head down to dinner. Funny thing is I brought a ton of stuff, but
forgot quite a bit that I had planned on bringing. But they insist on first class
treatment and wouldn’t let me carry anything in. You should have seen the
poor girl trying to carry everything. LOL

The place is beautiful and immaculate. I met two post ops and one wife of a
post op. All very nice. Shocking to me is one of the girls just had her surgery
72 hours ago and is up and walking around. The other cool thing about the
couple is both are into drag racing and one lived in CT for a short time and
used to go to the races at Riverside Park. So a natural bond has been built.
But after dinner I retreated to my room or a bit. Admittedly the emotion
roller coaster got to me and I finally broke down. Feeling a lone and for the
first time, SCARED.

I’ll probably be a puddle all night, but knowing the calvary is coming to the
rescue, should get me back on my feet.

Awesome news Cyn, sounds like you are in good hands and good company.
Fanny is going to be soooooo jealous of your new box (shhh, between you
and I, she’s been talking about it all day) LOL
Keep us posted I want to hear all about it.

Be a puddle tonight, it’s allowed. We will be there as fast as 4 chicks can on
Saturday. I miss you TONS already….and can NOT wait to see you.
For now….eat, drink and be Mary (or do Mary). The new box (and yes,
Fanny has been talking about it all day) is right around the corner.

Oh and all of the text messages on the way here were awesome. The timed
perfectly as just as I was about to break, I’d get a message from one of you
and be back straight again. They rocked.

Well Cyn, you know I am the texting whore, so expect a bunch nd feel free
to text back. Being that I slept al day from working last night, I will probably
be up all night, so feel free to allow me to wipe that puddle up. The time has
come for YOU and just find comfort in knowing that although we are not
there with you, in that room tonight, we are ALL ther, as your guardian
angels. Invisible. Yet present! PROUD OF YOU!!! Xoxo

As my text said, lots of love. I got your back and I’m sending my angel with
milk to come hang with you.

LMFAO, ok that was damn funny, I needed that.


From 91Limited aka Jason

"Hey I didn't dare ask but I was wondering what the deal is with Cynderella. Sounds like she had a surgery but I didn't want to pry. Sucks. Wish I was closer so I got to know the folks on here face to face."

Reply from Nathan

"Well, I trust you to be respectful and understanding, and be cool about this.

Cynthia is in Montreal recovering from gender reassignment surgery. Cynthia was a John a while

She's an awesome person and it takes a LOT of balls to do what she has done, a total hero to me.

But there it is.......:)

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